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Posted: Mar 18, 2008
Score: 1

webware.com is putting together a list of the 100 best "Web 2.0" sites for 2008, and has a bunch of different categories. Many of these are quite useful both as time-wasters and time-savers, and while some have been around for a while, many tend to represent the cutting edge of a lot of ideas that may (or may not) pan out in the future. It includes things like Jott, Google Docs, and Zoho. Go up to the top where it says "Vote" and pick a category...it gives you a page in that area, with a whole bunch of sites and short descriptions of each. In addition to voting, it's also a GREAT way to find new things that can help you, and many people have probably not heard about yet! This is definitely the motherlode. :-)

(link goes to the "productivity" section - but there's other areas that are useful too)

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 19, 2008
Score: 1

Toodledo isnt on there? **Grumble grumble**

Posted: Mar 19, 2008
Score: -1

Posted by Toodledo:
Toodledo isnt on there? **Grumble grumble**

I looked for it and couldn't find it. Maybe next year. :-)

It requires a certain number of "votes", so you probably need a critical mass of popularity. You can nominate yourself though. I'd say do that just for the publicity.

Posted: Apr 05, 2008
Score: -1

I wanted to vote for you but see Toodledo didn't make it past the nomination process. Anyway hope to see you on there next year, and I'll be sure to cast my vote in the nomination process as well.

Posted: Mar 15, 2009
Score: -1

Give me a friggin' brake! RTM made it again?

Posted: May 15, 2009
Score: 1

Sad to say but I think it is true. What is holding back Toodledo a HUGE amount is that it looks like a Web 1.0 site. You need a big makeover ... the design is just ugly (including the logo).

Not trying to be mean... really guys it would help you out a LOT! :)

Posted: May 15, 2009
Score: -1

If webware 100 is that superficial then screw 'em. Web 2.0 is supposed to be about funcionality, not a beauty pageant. RTM may be pretty, but service-wise they're pretty crappy. Beauty is only screen deep, and Toodledo is like the wallflower in the teen movie whose beauty is revealed only after she removes her glasses, it has substance. To reiterate, IMO, it would take a real moron to judge a productivity site by its looks. (Edit: BTW, I am referring to the webare100 folks, not anyone in these forums.)

Prediction: Next year's results will be different. If RTM is even still around, their 4 remaining users will not be enough to put them over the top again.

This message was edited May 15, 2009.
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