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Projects *and* contexts between Toodledo and Outlook


Posted: Sep 13, 2011
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I'm really trying to get organized with GTD and have to default to Outlook being my primary means as I spend a good portion of my time in front of a computer. I am using a plugin for Outlook that uses Categories for both Contexts as well as Projects.

The problem I have is syncing this with Toodledo. I may have to give up on having an online version of what I'm doing at work if I can't sort this out. My primary reason for using Toodledo is that I want to be able to work on some things from my iPad but it's hardly practical to use Toodledo if I can't even sync my Projects and my Contexts because Outlook uses Categories and there is no way to have the granularity in a sync tool to synce Contexts to certain categories and projects to others.

Thoughts or ideas?

Posted: Sep 14, 2011
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If your colleagues don't also sign up for Tooledo, you will probably not be able to share/send projects. Would it help if they signed up for the free version?

I don't have that kind of inter-connectivity in my organization, but I did recently switch from GTD in Outlook according to the official recommendations to a whole life approach on Toodledo with great success, except I still like to put hard deadlines on my work Outlook calendar.

Most of my projects arrive via email and dragging text into the notes field from email is very smooth.

I hope that helps.

Posted: Sep 16, 2011
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Hi Richleino,

I have a similar situation at work, made worse by an archaic exchange server setup.

I have migrated my diary and to-do lists to an great app called "Informant" which allows me to synch google calendars, outlook and toodledo. You can download a free plugin that will allow outlook synch to google calendars. This way I have integrated diary & tasks on my iPhone and Ipad, and it is always up-to-date on all three devices. I have even been able to create private calendars that only synch to my phone and ipad. On the desktop PC I have outlook (which receives appoitnemts created anywhere) and a toodledo explorer window always runing. Its not seamless integration on the PC but it works, I don't use the tasks in outlook, I find them pretty useless.
I can enter, edit and access info anywhere on any device and get alarms on all devices.
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