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A toodledo visual basic script job


Posted: Dec 20, 2011
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I want to improve getting @waiting items into Toodledo but don't have the script chops to do it myself. As a consequence I've put a posting on Freelancer.com:

Here's the gist of the posting:
I use Toodledo, a web-based to do list. I would like someone to create an Outlook visual basic script to help me use it better.

Basically, Toodledo allows input via email, using a customized address @toodledo.com. I would like to send emails that need follow up to the recipients, and then a slightly customized, more descriptive version to Toodledo.

As of now I send many emails that I would like to go in my Toodledo @waiting folder (or context). Sending it to my Toodledo bcc address loses valuable info:
1) It’s not clear who the recipient is
2) The title sometimes includes the wrong description
3) It’s not filed into @waiting

I would like a visual basic script that will send more descriptive @waiting items from Outlook to Toodledo. The item in Toodledo should contain the date, who the email was sent to, and an optional descriptive title.

Here’s a potential script workflow:
1) script triggered by a keyboard shortcut
2) email to recipient sent
3) Outlook presents an input box with two text fields
a. The first for descriptive title containing as a default the email's subject line
b. The second is blank for the folder
4) Outlook sends an email to Toodledo email with the following info
a. In the subject line: Name of recipient -- descriptive title or default subject line (day/month of email), @waiting and, if applicable, the folder
i. Example: John Smith—website redesign (12/31) @waiting *website
b. body should contain full email, including all recipients and original subject line

The full Toodledo email syntax can be found here, but the relevant parts are as follows:
• context = @ + context. For this it is @waiting
• folder = *+folder. For example, *website

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Posted: Feb 02, 2012
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Thank you so much for your post.

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