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Removing/consolidating Notes tied to Tasks


Posted: Feb 07, 2009
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Hi, I am just starting to use Toodledo to do a GTD thing. When I make a task that is a project, I put in the notes field all appropriate information. Sometimes that is a list of people to call, sometimes it is a quick project plan of subtasks, sometimes it is account information.

In any case, that information has value beyond the project completion. When I delete that project/task the note goes away too (I assume). How do I collect those notes and file them for reference?

I want the note to be tied to the task, but I want the notes saved somehow. How can this be done?



Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 07, 2009
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Instead of deleting the task, it would be better to just mark it as completed. You can then go back in your history and look at the notes if you wanted to.

Posted: Apr 03, 2009
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You could also copy the note text from the "notes" area and open a a note page in the "Notebook" for that completed project. Paste all the notes from the task into the notebook. It will be there for reference but out of your normal "To-Do" view.
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