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Experimental GTD Setup


Posted: Feb 21, 2010
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Posted by c.barber78:

Are you saying these things are on the way? I have just signed up for the toodledo free account and am comparing it to rtm, if these features are on the way then i am pretty damn sure i'll be going with toodledo :)
Cheers, look forward to a reponse to this

None of us know what is coming next, and Toodledo won't comment on their schedule. What you quoted are just one person's hopes and dreams, just as many of us have posted requests.

Though there is no guarantee that any particular request will be satisfied, the development is ongoing as we see a slow but steady stream of improvements.

Actually, since Proximo posted those four items last summer, manual reordering of subtasks was added as an option, and use of tags was made easier with the addition of a picklist.

Posted: Feb 21, 2010
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Ah okay, wasn't sure whether it was confirmed or just as you say a wishlist.
The ones of that I would look forward to most are multiple contexts and a project section.
Okay so they obviously don't provide a roadmap then.
Cheers mate

Posted: Feb 22, 2010
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roddyt is correct. The list was just one of many things the users here would like to see and some of them are getting implemented.

We don't know when something is on it's way and what it would be until it's announced.

There is a slow but steady stream of updates as roddyt mentioned. It could never be fast enough for the end users, but we also know that some things take time to implement or figure out.

Toodledo is a solid service with more features than most. You can configure it to work the way you need it to in most cases and the community here is very helpful. Toodledo for GTD does work, but it takes some configuring.
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