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Posted: Sep 29, 2009
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I use Executor which is similar to Launchy. I was previously a Launchy user, but have come to love Executor better.

Some people have mentioned that they created a script to run with Launchy and add task to your Toodledo account.

Does anyone know of a similar script that will work with Executor?

I would prefer to use Executor than the Toodledo Air app. The reason is that Executor is something I launch all day with a shortcut key and it can do just about anything I need it to do.

Launch Sites
Launch Apps.
Launch Documents
Perform Searches on Google, Wiki, Youtube, etc.
Launch Multiple Apps. with one command
and much more.

I was thinking there has to be a way to update Toodledo using Executor.

Any help is appreciated.

Posted: Oct 01, 2009
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Seriously everyone. Any help is appreciated. Don't knock the doors off the hinges on this. Let's be civil about it.

Vin Thomas

Posted: Oct 01, 2009
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I am on a mac and I use the Google Quick Search Box. Don't know of anything else for PC. I'm sure there's tons out there though...

You might want to check the Lifehacker archives to see if they have anything: http://lifehacker.com/tag/application-launcher/

Posted: Oct 01, 2009
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Thanks for feeling sorry for me Vin. :-)

Posted: Nov 02, 2009
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Hey, I have this setup to work using executor. I'm @work right now but I'll post how later today.

Posted: Nov 02, 2009
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Posted by farfromreality:
Hey, I have this setup to work using executor. I'm @work right now but I'll post how later today.

Great... Looking forward to it.

Posted: Nov 05, 2009
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This is a modified version of the tutorial found at

Download cURL and extract it to C:\Windows

Create a twitter account and connect it to toodledo

Right click on the tray icon of Executor and choose "Add keyword". Input the following:

Keyword: toodledo
Parameters: –basic –user "user:password" –data-ascii status="d toodledo $U$" http://twitter.com/statuses/update.json
Open As: Minimized

Now you should be able to ad tasks using executor.
There are more commands here http://www.toodledo.com/info/help_twitter.php
I have one command called "grocery" that sets tasks to use that folder for instance.

If you have any issues let me know. I have it set up at work, but at the moment I'm laying in bed sick with my netbook, lol.

Posted: Nov 06, 2009
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THIS IS AWESOME. I have not done it yet, but it's still Awesome.

I will put this on my To Do list and get it up and running soon. I will give everyone a progress report when I am done.

Executor is so powerful to me that I can't work without it anymore. My Windows Desktop has One Icon. The Trash Bin.

Everything is done with Executor and now I can add task to Toodledo as well.

Thanks again.
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