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Tweet updates vs. Facebook


Posted: Dec 04, 2009
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I know many of you are using both Tweeter and Facebook.

I wanted to know how people are using them together. I noticed that many of my friends update their Twitter account with the same exact updates on Facebook, so it almost makes Twitter just a streamlined version of their Facebook updates.

Others use Twitter and Facebook differently.

I am just now starting to understand how I use them together but was wondering what others think.

For me, Twitter get's general updates about things I am doing and Facebook get's more personal updates because I only accept friends and family on my Facebook.

Many times I follow companies on Twitter or other people who have a similar general interest so I am careful to not make my Twitter updates too personal.

How are you using them?

Posted: Dec 04, 2009
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I'm not using Twitter as much these days but the plan is to use it as my more "professional" space. Facebook gets the personal stuff.

I use the selective twitter app in Facebook to update Facebook from Twitter only when I want that to happen.

Posted: Dec 04, 2009
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I use twitter to update my facebook status. My tweets also go into FriendFeed.
Vin Thomas

Posted: Dec 05, 2009
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There is a great Facebook app called Selective Twitter. This pulls in any tweets that are tagged with #fb into Facebook. It can get a little annoying if EVERY tweet posts to Facebook, so this is a nice way to be more selective.

LinkedIn just announced a similar service that uses the hash tag #in

Posted: Dec 10, 2009
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So I've had my twitter sync'd to my Facebook well over a year now, and I'm nearing the point where I'm considering changing the sync so it doesn't update my fb status without a #fb hashtag.

Reason being is I've developed a Twitter persona per say and there are specific tweets that appear to be jibberish to those reading my updates on FB. Also, There's a separate audience, and I've found I'd rather tweet about some topics that would stir debate (in a negative fashion) if it was on FB.

Posted: Dec 11, 2009
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Great comments so far. Vin is the one who is making me use Twitter more. :-)

I want to use Twitter for more general updates and Facebook for personal updates. Many of my tweets go to Facebook but not all of them and updates that I consider personal go to Facebook but Never on Twitter.

I think this guy has the right idea.

What happens if YouTube, Twitter and Facebook merge?

You get "YouTwitFace"


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