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Contact Manager


Posted: Dec 08, 2009
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Hi all - figured you'd be a good bunch to ask about this.

I am having trouble finding a good contact manager. Anyone have ideas? See below for my 'specs':

Outlook for work e-mail, contacts, and calendar
Google for personal e-mail and calendars (multiple calendars, as my husband and I share one for us-stuff)
Toodledo for tasks
Pocket Informant for iPhone to sync and combine calendar and tasks

How I currently deal with contacts:
The contacts on my iPhone probably end up most updated. However, gmail by nature captures e-mail addresses which are very useful, too (though perhaps I'm over-thinking this, given gmail's autocomplete).

A contact manager that can serve as my humongous hub. Would sync contacts on my iPhone (either in the native app or a third-party app is fine), gmail, even facebook and linkedin.

I don't necessarily need images. Don't even really need customizable fields as long as there's a Notes field, though tags or categories would be great.

The hitch with all this is I use Exchange for my work e-mail, which precludes me using google sync. For some reason IMAP didn't work well for my e-mail, though I never had IT check it out since it's my personal phone.

I'm considering just using my work contacts/Outlook as my main contacts hub, as I can sync Outlook and google. Main annoying part is having to 'export' phone contacts before syncing with work contacts.

I know that's a huge brain dump but want to see if any of you had ideas.


Posted: Dec 10, 2009
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The weak link unfortunately is your iPhone.
It can only have 1 ActiveSync server specified at a time so you can sync to Google *or* Exchange but not both.
Also it's further unfortunate in that when you enable over-the-air sync then USB sync is disabled.
So you couldn't even sync OTA with Google and then a USB Sync with Outlook (and hence Exchange).

If you can sync your contacts from Outlook to Google then maybe set up your iPhone to sync with Google then it should work.

Good luck.

Posted: Dec 10, 2009
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Here's a good link with some good information relating to iPhone, Exchange and Google.
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