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notebook vs. reference


Posted: Jul 09, 2010
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I have been looking at the Notebook feature vs. reference status. I do not use an iPhone or toodledo on any other mobile device, only web and windows.

For me reference status seems more useful than notebook. It is better integrated into toodledo: I have a folder for all reference items. Tags and other attributes can be used. I use goals to structure the reference material. Checked and unchecked can be used for current and outdated info. I can refer to it without going to the notebook, which is not integrated with ToDos in the GUI. Etc.

I must be missing something. What advantages does Notebook have over reference status?

Posted: Jul 09, 2010
Score: -1

No, I don't think you're missing anything.

The only real 'advantage' of the Notebook over a task with a status of 'Reference' is that it exists in a completely separate space from your task lists. It won't ever, in any way shape or form, appear on any task list, ever, within the current build of Toodledo.

Posted: Jul 09, 2010
Score: -1

The only other issue I can think of is that Reference tasks are included in your total task count, something that I didn't want.

Posted: Jul 28, 2010
Score: -1

I noticed this feature in TD when I first perused it. Seems like an ok idea, if you don't have a full featured notetaking app. I've used EN for years, so I can't think of any use for the TD notes, but I'm sure others use them to advantage.
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