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Adding Tasks -- Is it just me?


Posted: Aug 10, 2010
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I can add a task on my iPhone by just entering the data. On the Internet site, I often fail to add tasks because I fill out the data and then forget to click the Add Task button. Having two ways to add a task, depending on the device used, is confusing to me. I'd like to add tasks on the Internet without having to click that button, or else the Add Task button should be much more prominent in size and location.

Posted: Aug 12, 2010
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If you're in a position to fill out the data for a task, you can hit enter when in the task name field to enter it.

Since new tasks added are kept at the top of any page you add them on but the Multi Add one, atleast until you refresh or change the page you're on, you can try this-

-Hit add new task or N on your keyboard if keyboard shortcuts are enabled
-Type in the task name and hit enter
-Fill out/edit the data of the task or tasks AFTER you hit enter when they're on the top of the current list of tasks, rather than in the add new task edit window that opens up with you first hit the add new task button

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