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Best app for lists?

Tamar E.

Posted: Dec 15, 2010
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What's your favorite app for general lists? Not to do items, because of course I love Toodledo for that, just lists of other things. Packing lists, "honey do" lists, ect. I use Grocery Gadget for shopping lists, so I'm just looking for a plain, list app. Thanks!

Posted: Dec 15, 2010
Score: 0

ToodleDo! I have a second, free account for all my checklists - shopping, packing, wish lists, gift ideas, etc etc. I've tried quite a few, including Grocery Gadget, but ToodleDo really is the best.

[Grocery Gadget is up there near the top though; and the developers are very good/responsive.]

Posted: Dec 17, 2010
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Listpro is hard to beat for lists. I have used it for years. It has an iphone app (free) and desktop app. Another good one is Listmaker for iphone which syncs with Toodledo (make a second acct for it)
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