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Sync error


Posted: Dec 27, 2008
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I followed the instructions to download and install Toodledo on my computer. However, when I try to sync, I get an error "Could not initialize outlook proxy server".

When I initially set up the connection, I did not use a proxy server and it said that authentication was successful. I have the application configured to not use a proxy server (since I did not need one to authenticate).

Why am I getting this error and how can I correct it?

Posted: Dec 28, 2008
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The 'outlook proxy' is not related to a network proxy. This error message actually indicates that the application in unable to communicate with MS Outlook. There are two common causes for this
1) You do not have the Microsoft Primary Interop Assemblies for your version of Office installed, or your installation is corrupt. You can download and install these from Microsoft
2) You have a personal firewall or security product installed that is preventing the application from communicating with Outlook.


Posted: Dec 28, 2008
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Thanks for the reply. I downloaded and installed the Primary Interop Assemblies for Office 2007. (I did not receive any message on install, successful or otherwise.) Still received same error. I then turned off my Norton 360 firewall completely. Still received same error.

I have also tried reinstalling the app but no change.

So the authentication check step I went through on initial install was for the app to communicate with Toodledo and the error I am getting is related to the app communicating to Outlook within my own computer?

I am at a loss on how to fix this. I really would like to use Toodledo to sync my Outlook tasks but can't seem to get by this.
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