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error during Sync unable to connect to server


Posted: Apr 08, 2009
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I am using the Apps TO DO, and TOODLEDO to sync and task to Calc.

I was able to sync the first time , it only synched 9 of 100 tasks. Then I received the following error the there after. -- Error during synchronization unable to connect to remote server -- there is nothing helpful contained in the log file.

SyncApp.exe Information: 0 : SynchLib:synchronizeTasks() method called
SyncApp.exe Information: 0 : ToodleProxy: Refreshing Toodledo authentication
ToodledoClientLib Information: 0 : ToodleClientLib:sendHttpRequest:Request=[http://api.toodledo.com/api.php?method=getToken;userid=xxxx xxxxxxxxxx;appid=chromadrakesyncapp0996]
SyncApp.exe Error: 0 : Error requesting URL Unable to connect to the remote server
SyncApp.exe Error: 0 : Error during synchronization: Unable to connect to the remote server
at ToodledoClientLib.HTTPUtil.sendHTTPRequest(String url)
at ToodledoClientLib.ToodledoProxy.getTokenXML(String userId)
at ToodledoClientLib.ToodledoProxy.refreshAuthentication()
at ToodledoClientLib.ToodledoProxy.initialize()
at SynchLib.SyncTool.synchronizeTasks()
at SyncApp.frmMain.performSync()

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Posted: Apr 08, 2009
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Hi Harvey,
The error message indicates that the application can't connect to the Toodledo server. The most likely cause for this is that you are running a personal firewall application that is blocking it. Another possibility is that you are on a network that has a proxy server

Hope that helps
P.S. Please post all Outlook client related questions into the 'Third Party' forum

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