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Outlook Client is available


Posted: Jul 16, 2008
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Sorry for the release spam, but this seems to be a good week for bug reports!

A new version of the Outlook Synchronization Client for Toodledo is available at http://www.chromadrake.com

This update fixes a synchronization issue where Outlook task bodies were not being sent to Toodledo for new Outlook tasks

Thanks to all the people who raised these issues with me.

Release Notes:

1) You are strongly encouraged to backup your Toodledo and Outlook tasks before using this client. This software is still experimental. I recommend using the the File->Import/Export option in Outlook.
2)Please shut down and uninstall the old version of the client before upgrading to this version
3) The diagnostic traces are now quite detailed and may contain sensitive information. Please do not post diagnostic traces to the forums. If you encounter an issue, you are welcome to mail the traces to me at developer(at)chromadrake.com
4) This version defaults to _enabling_ the update and deletion of Toodledo tasks. Starting the application with these options disabled seemed unhelpful


Posted: Jul 16, 2008
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I spent several hours trying to get this to work today. Problems:

1) When I synchronized to Toodledo (there were initially no tasks at Toodledo, but I'd created all of the proper folders), the Outlook items did not end up in the proper folders. They were all placed in NO FOLDER.

2) I tried exporting Outlook Tasks to CSV file, then importing the file into Toodledo. No problems. Then when I tried to Sync (via this software), either the synchronization failed OR it would place all the Outlook items into a NO FOLDER folder, doubling the number of tasks in Toodledo.

I tried a very large number of variations, always starting clean in either Outlook Tasks or in Toodledo (via the folder deletion option in Account Settings). Nothing seemed to work.

I would love to see this operate properly! There are a very large number of people in Apple forums wondering how to sync their iPhone with Outlook, and this would work if the data would line up.

By the way, I did find that Outlook items created in the early 2000's didn't seem to work properly. But I removed all of them from my Task folder.

Help? I've pledged to your fund...

Posted: Jul 16, 2008
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Unfortunately the tool isn't currently smart enough to link Outlook tasks to Toodledo folders. I will update the web page with this as a known tasks ASAP and make this the key enhancement for the next release.

I know it is a pain, but once your tasks have been created in Toodledo you will need to manually assign them to Toodledo folders until I implement this enhancment. This is a fairly major change so it will take more than a couple of days to add in

The association does work the other way however. Once a task is associated with a folder through the Toodledo web site the relationship will persist to Outlook.



P.S. Thanks for pledging.

This message was edited Jul 16, 2008.

Posted: Jul 17, 2008
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Thanks for your reply. The problem seems to be that your tool sees Toodledo tasks that are created via CSV import (and therefore neatly tucked away in folders) as DIFFERENT from the original tasks in Outlook (from which the CSV was created). Is this correct? So when the sync happens, the existing tasks are all duplicated.

What if I:
Deleted all tasks in Toodledo
Synced with Outlook
Manually placed all the resulting NO FOLDER tasks into folders.

Then, if I synced again, would the sync tool STILL duplicate all of the Outlook tasks (into the empty NO FOLDER folder), as before?

Thanks for the clarification.

Posted: Jul 17, 2008
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If I have understood you correctly then your are correct.

The sync tool has no way of knowing that the tasks you have imported into Toodledo are the same as the tasks in Outlook and will treat them as being different.

If you delete all the TD tasks, resynch with Outlook and then manually assign the Toodledo tasks to folders then the tasks should no longer be duplicated because the tool will be able to track the relationship between the Outlook tasks and the Toodledo tasks.

By adding the Toodledo tasks to Toodledo folders you will update the task definition in Toodledo and this defintion will be preserved. The tool will then know which Toodledo folder the tasks is supposed to belong to.


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