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Updates exceeded


Posted: Oct 23, 2008
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I'm trying to (for the first time) sync my outlook tasks. I have a lot of tasks and the sync always ends with a bunch of updates exceeded. I've tried syncing multiple times in the hopes that I can get initial sync bit by bit. But each time only the first-N task are synced and the rest are not.

Is there any way around this, or is initially syncing a large number tasks just not possible. (I read that the sync has a built in delay to get around this, but I don't see this behavior).


Posted: Oct 23, 2008
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Well, it seems that I was wrong. If I select "Force Full Sync" (which is not mentioned on the web instructions) it seems that my tasks are getting synced a little more with each cycle.


Posted: Oct 23, 2008
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The 'Updates Exceeded' is normal behaviour. It means that the client has exceeded the maximum number of new tasks that it is allwoed to send to Toodledo in a single sync run (25) and that the rest of the tasks will be sent in a later run. essentially the application will create new tasks at the rate of 25 every 20 minutes.

This behaviour was implemented to prevent the application from creating an undue load on the Toodledo API.

Although you can speed this process up by using the Force Full Sync option I would ask you not to. This creates a significant load on the Toodledo server and if people abuse this option the site owners are likely to ask me to remove this feature as otherwise they will be forced to block access to the application.

Instead I would recommend that you leave the application running for a few hours and wait for it to complete syncing your tasks at its own pace.



Posted: Oct 24, 2008
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Thanks Keef. I've turned off Full Sync. All tasks seem to be synced now. :-))

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