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gSyncit -Toodledo Error 100


Posted: Mar 25, 2012
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I am using gSyncit to sync task from Outlook 2010 to Toodledo. So far it has been great.

Only when I try to sync tasks using the CONTEXT field, do I receive this error. Does not matter if the field is populated. And it seems random on which tasks throw the error.

If I deselect syncing the @context field in Outlook 2010, the error goes away. Either way, the contents of the field to not sync with or without error.

What am I doing wrong and how to I fix?

Error = Error while updating item: [JEEP (Trans fluid change)]. Error 100 : Unknown Error

Detail = at gsyncit.core.services.Toodledo.ToodleDoService.ThrowIfError(XmlDocument xmlDocument)
at gsyncit.core.services.Toodledo.ToodleDoService.InsertContext(ToodleDoTaskContext context)
at gsyncit.core.TaskToodleDoController.UpsertToodleDoTask(ToodleDoTask entry, _TaskItem taskItem, TaskFeedMapping feedMapping)
at gsyncit.core.TaskToodleDoController.UpdateToodleDoTasks(SyncTable syncTable, TaskFeedMapping feedMapping)

Version =

Posted: Apr 06, 2012
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Posted: Apr 06, 2012
Score: 2

Toodledo doesn't monitor this section of the forums. Best to re-post this in the Questions section of the forums which they do monitor.

It's quite likely this is a problem with the third-party app in which case you should contact them. Perhaps do it at the same time?
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