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Interest in stripped down Toodledo mobile app?


Posted: Mar 01, 2013
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I am considering coding my own Toodledo mobile app, but I want to customize it based on how I use Toodledo. Anyway, I would like to gauge interest...

I love Toodledo, but believe it has many more features than I really need. For those that use more features, my app will probably be of little use for you.

For a closer examination, you can look at my post here: http://www.toodledo.com/forums/5/16581/0/stripping-toodledo-down-for-gtd.html

But to quickly describe the what the app would do...

Syncs folders, contexts, status, and notes.
Everything else will not be synced or even displayed. So there will be no options for recurring tasks, tags, due dates, etc
I also intend to have saved searches, though I don't really use them.
Possible integration with a calendar. There are many calendars and may prefer to leave calendar maintenance up to the user.
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