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Why Use Outlook and Toodledo?


Posted: Aug 08, 2009
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Can I ask what the main reason some of you are using Outlook and Toodledo? I see that there is a third-party application for Outlook that I am interested in. I had stopped using Outlook for tasks after I found Toodledo but then discovered Taskline for Outlook which schedules your tasks on your calendar. I would like to use both Outlook and Toodledo together but mainly for offline access to my to-do list. Just wondering if I am creating double work or missing something obvious. I don't have an iPhone for portability but do use a netbook. Thanks.

Posted: Aug 08, 2009
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most people seem to use it to allow Outlook tasks to sync to the iPhone, but I created the tool because I wanted to be able tot view my tasks in Outlook without having to log on to the Toodledo web site. I want to keep a common view of my tasks between work and home, which is why I use Toodledo in the first place.

Hope that helps,
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