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Posted: May 01, 2012

Posted by Salgud:
Very much WORK IN PROGRESS here, isn't it?

You mean, like every other software package available?

Sorry, but I paid what I consider quite a substantial amount of money for a TINY improvement in the product. That was shameless of the company to do that. Embarrassing.

And no, not like every other product, my dear. When a product is as basic as this, it should remain a free utility, or charge a lot less.

Had I known the heavily promoted SubTasks feature was so scant as to be almost meaningless, I would, obviously, not have spent money and would have remained on the basic free version.

They should

(A) alert people as to exactly how the feature behaves (only one nested level and no efficient integration with the hotlist)


(B) not charge any money for the feature.

It's a joke.

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

I'm a little bit not pleased. I looked at the basic product and my immediate reaction was 'great'!

I was particularly sold when I saw you could make a template of tasks, which is perfect for me.

But - no sub-tasks.

As you had to pay hard cash to have the feature, it never occurred to me it was a very slimmed down feature offer. I thought, hard cash, and not that cheap, would mean it was a fully implemented feature. But not so.

* no multi-level full nesting of tasks within subtasks - I completely expected this and was shocked to find it was ONE LEVEL ONLY. Wow.

* no coherent way to display them nested if only one of the tasks appears in HOT LIST.

* no means of ordering other than manual drag & drop

Personally, I think the subtasks feature as it exists ought to be provided free in the basic free version and a far more substantial set of features, across the board should be offered for cash, encompassing

* fully nested subtasks
* full user customisation of fonts, font sizes
* standard Windows interface, bold, italics, indents in the notes section, etc
* far better customisation of what appears visually - it is clunky
* field names which are live for keyboard hotkeys (ALT+name)
* the name of the screen you're currently in appearing at the top of the screen, so you don't have to nip back to the sidebar to recall where you are

And another dozen things.

Very much WORK IN PROGRESS here, isn't it?

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

New user since yesterday. Signed up as PRO immediately. Perhaps a little bit too quick off the block.

1. No bold, italics, underscore etc in Notes - weird in 2012.

2. Settings NOT STICKY. A major annoyance! Using subtasks results in them all displaying on screen even if you've left the screen with the subtasks hidden. Very poor indeed.

3. Some very poor user implementation & glitches. When creating a new task, you can tab into each field, but once you hit the date field you have to pick up your mouse in order to set the PRIORITY FIELD. Pretty crappy.

4. No means of using alt keys to go straight to fields. This is majorly CLUNKY.

5. No customisation to enable smaller fonts to see more on screen.

6. No COLOUR customisation. Duh? That yellow colour is a weird choice. Yellow against white? Do they not have bright red in the States? Red exists in England. In, like, roses, poppies, paint, sometimes you see it in rainbows. But not in the USA? I thought they had everything. I thought they had everything FIRST.

Posted: Apr 28, 2012
From Topic: Saved Sorts

So want to be able to save different sorts.

Is it possible?

Posted: Apr 28, 2012

Have been on computers for 25 years. Never worry about keyboard functionality. I use a utility called


You can store hotkey combinations, thousands of them, all program specific.


It is the MOST important utility I run on my computer, bar none.

I use it for hotkey combinations in ...


and now...


Seriously, choose the program you like best and forget the hotkeys. Use MacroExpress for ALL your programs. You won't look back.

Don't know what the cost is nowadays. I've been on it through every build for years. But it won't be that much and it will be best investment you have ever made. You will fall in love with it.

If you do explore and if asked, say ClareLondon said so!