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Posted: May 10, 2014

I played with this in TD at one time, but it was a bit kludgy (using the 4 priority levels to represent Covey's 4 quadrants) and didn't give me quite what I needed anyway.

The real issue IMO opinion is that it has to be done automatically, rather than manually. Adding or removing a star should swap between "important" and "not important," and adding or removing a due date should swap between "urgent" and "not urgent."

That, plus there should be a way to group/sort based on the quadrants in a way that makes sense. IMO, the sort order should ideally be: Important/Urgent, Important/Not Urgent, Not Important/Urgent, Not Important/Not Urgent.

Without both the automatic categorization and the sort order, I don't think the system will work.

I have no issue with their concerns about tipping off the competition; this seems like common sense to me.

Things aren't so simple: World of Warcraft, the most popular MMO, does in fact announce its features ahead of time. We also often know what's coming to Windows in the months before release. Many successful businesses have are wildly successful when announcing features ahead of time.

Done properly, announcing features ahead of time builds anticipation, and while the competition may scramble to add the features, it becomes a game of catch-up for the competition, rather than staying ahead.

Posted: Apr 28, 2014

Well, moving to something else. IQTELL, Apple's own reminder app, and Evernote.

There are several reasons for this:

- My list had become long, and I wasn't really good at cleaning it. It wasn't organized well, and maintaining it was a chore. I needed a new approach. Toodledo's approach wasn't working.

- Assigning items to locations didn't work as well as the iPhone's own app. You can only assign reminders when entering an area, not leaving it. Apple also seems to have a better "geofencing" algorithm. I'm likely to continue to use Apple's own app for location-specific reminders until something better comes along.

- I want to seriously try Covey's Time Management Matrix (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, page 151). I'm hoping IQTELL will eventually be flexible enough to implement such a system inside it. Toodledo is very unlikely to ever do so.

- IQTELL has forms, workflows, and custom fields. They're pretty rudimentary so far, but show a lot of promise. This is something I liked in SharePoint, which I've used at some places I've worked at. Workflows can be an extremely powerful feature, allowing fields to be connected to each other (and in SharePoint, also allowing for automation).

- Toodledo's development process is quite slow. I don't know if the code has become an unmaintainable mess or what, but slight changes every year or so isn't exactly the cadence I was hoping for in a product that still needs a lot of work.

- Toodledo has adopted basically a "we don't say anything about stuff in development" philosophy. Granted, IQTELL isn't much better in this area, but it's still something I fundamentally disagree with, as a developer myself.

- IQTELL has integration with email and Evernote. This is really what put it over the top for me. I can set an email as an actionable item right then and there. No need to send a separate email with a strange syntax to a separate email address.

- Evernote just works better for notes. Sorry, it just does. They do their job very well.

So - sorry, I will not be renewing my subscription this year.

Posted: Jun 22, 2013

Here are my thoughts (specific to the website):

-Be able to remove goals, locations, etc from the left pane instead of opening a new one.

Right now, you can add a new folder without going to a new page, but you can't remove an existing one.

-This is going to sound controversial: Merge locations and contexts. In all honesty, they're very slight variations of the same thing. Sometimes I scratch my head saying, "should this be a context or a location?" and sometimes I wonder "Okay, did I add the task I'm looking for to the location or the context?"

Ultimately, I've dropped the use of contexts and just used locations.

-(for phones) Add the ability to tasks to warn you when leaving an area instead of just when you're entering an area. This is useful if you want to leave yourself a reminder not to forget something. For now, I have to use iOS's built-in reminders app for these things.

-Add Multi-edit to all views. Just do it.

"How I sort, filter, & view one folder is completely different than another."

This is actually an excellent point. In fact, I think that "all lists are equal" is a bit of a weakness of Toodledo. Fact is, not all of my lists are equal: My shopping list is not the same as the project list I use at work, and they are not the same as the wish list I keep.

In fact, I'd actually much prefer that certain things (locations and goals especially) be tied to an individual list ("folder" in Toodledo, I guess) rather than to individual items. Toodledo is *very* granular, and as a result adding a single item takes a lot of time, as I have to set a lot of fields to make it work.

In addition, I think "fields used" should be per-folder, and not universal. My shopping list certainly does not need timer, due date, due time, etc. Yet, because another list does require them, I have to make them available everywhere.

The new "outlines" feature is really highlighting this fact. Not all lists need all of the fields.

-Some ability to edit the "Status" menu to better accommodate people who work slightly differently than GTD.

OR, alternatively, make it more active: If something is delegated, it should appear on the other person's list, not mine. If something is postponed, allow me to set a date/time when it should surface again. If something is cancelled, take it off the list.

One thing that I've noticed about business-level task management systems is that the status is not just a passive field - it has meaning, and the system will react differently to different statuses and respond to status changes. It would be nice to see some of that.

Posted: Feb 27, 2013

"I now see the app does not allow me to add a start date to a task I am adding."

Settings -> Fields & Defaults. Make sure it's set as a field that's used.

Posted: Feb 27, 2013

Oh, the number of people who will never be satisfied :(.

I do expect that any performance issues and bugs will be fixed soon enough. There's no reason to think they won't.

(Note: I do not work for Toodledo, all of this is my opinion)

lukepiasecki76 made an interesting post on page 2, my thoughts:

"Today’s release solidified the feeling I had at the time – our responses were brushed off and ignored. "

Problem is, many people ask for many things, and often what they ask for is contradictory to each other. As the saying goes, you can't satisfy everybody all of the time.

Also, there is a limit to how many things you can get done. Some things take priority and get done first, while others are lower priority and will get done later.

"Information overload and visual clusterf*ck"

Well, Toodledo has always leaned in the direction of power over simplicity. The bad news is that more power often equals more clutter. The good news is that you can set which fields are visible and which aren't in the settings. You can get quite a clean view if you only use one or two fields.

There's also the issue of what do you make important, the amount of white space, or the number of items? If you increase whitespace, that makes less items visible, and if you increase the number of items visible, that makes for less whitespace. There will likely never be complete agreement on the precise balance.

"Icons are still around."

I agree to some extent. Icons do add to the clutter.

Although some people who are visual will like them.

They are really simple, monochrome icons. I don't find them to be ugly.


Agreed, they still have some work to do. They've done a lot to reduce redundancy since the last attempt, though.

"Data fields are still padded with useless information."

If this is true (I don't use those particular fields), then agreed.

"An iconic example of your abysmal design taste is the whole implementation of adding a task… We have a button which seems to be offset for no reason"

Which button? I'm not actually following most of this description.

"Another one is the color matching or the lack of, with the bluish bar up at the top and the Toodledo logo (top of the screen in settings) that just looks like an amateur and unprofessional job. It’s overdone and ugly. The gradient baby blue color doesn't fit with anything else on the screen."

You can blame those who complained about the lack of color for this. This is one of those instances where not everybody agrees. You may hate the bluish bar, but many people liked it and wanted it back.

"Since you obviously see no benefit in creating a user experience that folks actually want and because mine and others’ feedback has been completely ignored"

I don't think they've ignored people at all. It's just impossible to satisfy everybody, and there's only so much they can do. Personally, I'm actually impressed they reverted the app and went back to fix things. Very few businesses have the backbone to say "oops, my bad" and I respect them for that.

Anyhoo, I personally have a couple of issues with the current design:

1) The constant reminder to re-sort the list. Please, make it stop. Either make it completely automatic or completely manual. Add some options to the settings if you must.

2) Please add the ability to remind you when you *leave* a location, as the current reminders app is capable of. I find I actually use that functionality of reminders.

Posted: May 27, 2012

"If I were going to all that trouble, might as well take the leap and use project scheduling software, like M$ Project."

Microsoft Project works great for businesses, which is what it's designed for. Not so much personal stuff.

Microsoft project also costs $1000. You can use GOT or Toodledo for 14 years for that much. And you won't even get an iPhone app, which both Toodledo and GOT offer.

And this was meant to be mostly a suggestion for Toodledo's UI. Toodledo has improved a lot with its most recent overhaul, but I think it can still improve :).

Posted: May 07, 2012

Well, I was looking around and stumbled across something called "GoalsOnTrack" (GOT from here on).

It's very different. It's very slick looking. And I dare say, it is is some ways better than Toodledo. I'm tempted to switch eventually.

So, here are some things I think Toodledo *could* do a bit better, after seeing this different UI:

-The "everything is on a grid" layout seems to be too generic. GOT has several tabs, with each tab having something specific in mind (dashboard, goals, tasks, calendar, habits, etc), and the UI for each tab is tailored for that tab's particular tasks. It has bar graphs indicating progress, charts for tracking progress over time, and various other widgets throughout the UI.

-The goals should become more prominent. Right now, the goals, along with the "visual chains" are tucked away. You actually have to edit the goals to see the chains.

--I think there's a lot more that could be done with goal/habit tracking. It's a bit bare bones at the moment. There's some form of "habit tracking" via the chain, but GOT's system appears to allow you to have a lot more control.

-I would like some better indication of progress. Toodledo doesn't really track progress other than the binary "is it done?" method. I would like to see as well:

--Percentage finished (perhaps with subtasks contributing to the percentage).

--Current value out of some max value (How many dollars am I away from a financial goal?).

--Time based progress tracking (How many days until I finish?). Right now, there's a timer, but that's just a basic recording of how much time I've spent so far.

I don't have a lot of time to write much more, but maybe they can get a few ideas from it?

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

"I also use YNAB which is great for finance, can't rate it highly enough."

Agreed :). Finally, budgeting software that makes sense and doesn't require an accounting degree to use. And has some good philosophies about managing money as well.

If they're old enough, feel free to ask your kids to help out with stuff. My mother had four children, and often I was asked to help with chores or to watch my younger siblings. You'll find that in large families, the older children often help care for the younger ones.

Encourage teamwork and independence. There's not much more advice I can give without knowing your situation, though.

Posted: Mar 16, 2012

"The spam filter of gmail I am using is not bad."

IMO Gmail's is actually one of the best, I'm very impressed with Gmail's spam filtering.

And if you are using Gmail, I'd highly recommend ActiveInbox. It works great with this type of method.

Posted: Mar 16, 2012

Does anybody know of a way to repeat a start date as well as a due date?

I have a monthly task that can't be started at the beginning of the month - it has to be done near the end of the month, within a week of the due date.

Is there a way to have the start date change with the due date, so that it's not in my task list when I can't do it?

Posted: Feb 20, 2012
From Topic: Toodledo and ADHD

Humm - if you get a reminder you want to snooze, you could perhaps change the due time. After all, you're simply telling it you want to do the task later.

The iPhone app seems to work reliably as far as I can tell. Just set the alarms to come from the device.

saskia.x does have a good point of learning to ignore reminders - if you keep snoozing everything, you may simply learn to ignore it altogether.

My biggest advice is to notice what works for you, and what doesn't. If something works, latch onto it and use it. If something doesn't work, forget it and see if you can try something else.

Posted: Feb 20, 2012

"The location alarm system was designed to remind you about something that you may have forgotten about for a nearby location"

Perhaps something like "Home (3 tasks)"?

I guess the reason why I'm having issues is because I use checklists, in some accordance with "The Checklist Manifesto" by Atul Gawande.

These checklists are a bit different from GTD tasks: These are persistent checklists, never meant to be "finished" but rather meant to be referred to as a tool to prevent forgetting certain things. For example, I have a checklist I go through before heading off to work, so that I always arrive at work prepared.

These tasks may be tied to a location, but will never be marked as finished. However, since the location alarm is global rather than tied to certain tasks, it will always remind me I have tasks at the location, even if all of those tasks are from a checklist.

I guess I can set all of my checklists as being at no location, I think I'll go ahead and do that. I don't think I ever search for my checklist tasks by location anyways.

"From my memory, you are the third person to request this, so it isn't a popular request, but we still have it on our to-do list."

Well, it seemed good enough for Apple to add it :/. Being that Apple is known for its sharp focus on simplicity and minimalism, there had to be a compelling reason for them to add it, or it simply wouldn't be there.

This message was edited Feb 20, 2012.

Posted: Feb 20, 2012

Okay, I've got a bit of a bone to pick with the current location alarm system for Toodledo on the iPhone.

Because, to be honest, it's useless. I've just turned it off.

All it tells me is where I am. Which is hardly useful, as I already know where I am (and if I don't, I should probably be seeing a doc for Alzheimer's).

Also, the smallest alert distance is a mile. This is still a pretty large distance, and clutters up the screen when I'm in an area with several useful buildings close together (e.g., at a mall). I should be able to set much smaller distances.

What I *really* need to know is what I'm going to be doing there. Instead of a bunch of locations showing on the screen, it should be showing a bunch of tasks I need to do at the location. Preferably with starred/important tasks at the top. That's what I really need to know at a location, and what would be really useful for ensuring I remember to do what I need to do at the location(s).

I would also be able to set an alarm for when I'm leaving an area. iOS 5 has the ability to alert me when I'm leaving a location. A "leaving location" alarm would also work well with a reduced distance, as it's often a reminder to check that I'm not missing something.

Posted: Feb 02, 2012

Posted by Toodledo:
We have just released an update to the mobile website that fixes many of the bugs reported already, including:

3) iOS web app icon

You may need to reload the webpage twice to get the update.

Please continue to send us feedback. Thanks!

I can confirm the iOS web icon is working :). iOS detects the new icon the next time you launch and leave the web app.

It's certainly not gonna replace the iOS app, but for those who don't want to pay for the app, it should work fine.

Posted: Jan 26, 2012


-Email field when logging in should be identified as an email field to the mobile device. Currently, it does not.

-Icon in iOS ends up being generic when added to the home screen.

-When added to the home screen, it acts as an app: It doesn't use a tab in Safari and doesn't show the browser chrome. This is great! Thanks!

-Doesn't show notifications, but I dunno if that is possible for a web app.

-Syncing is full screen currently?

-"Toodledo" graphic at top and many of the icons are a bit low-res. On the Retina display of the iPhone, that makes it look a bit blurry.

I'm gonna try to test both the app and the mobile website, to see what the differences are.

This message was edited Jan 26, 2012.

Posted: Oct 07, 2011

Unfortunately, Toodledo isn't like Google - they're not constantly pushing updates to the website and apps. They tend to stay quiet for a while and push lots of changes all at once.

I don't agree with it, but that's the way they work.

Posted: Oct 07, 2011
From Topic: My semi-GTD system

An interesting system, and a good one IMO, but there is one drawback: Saved searches don't work with the iOS app :(.

Posted: Sep 24, 2011
From Topic: Thank you!

Well, after buying Pro for the first time, it's come time to renew for the first time.

Which I did in a heartbeat. Well worth it. THANK YOU for this great service!

Toodledo has worked very well for me.

I keep my shopping list in it, and bring my iPhone with me to the store. All I need to do is to go to "location" and pick the store I'm at, and I'm shopping.

(I do wish you could select distances smaller than a mile for the alert, however.)

I keep my checklists on it. Mostly for going to work so I don't forget anything.

I keep my wish list on it.

I keep track of projects on it.

The only thing I don't really keep on it are notes, because they lack the organization that tasks have :(. Well, I have them because they sync with other services, but I generally use the other services to organize them rather than Toodledo.

Despite its issues, it's still the best of its kind :).

Posted: Sep 12, 2011

Great suggestions.

When it comes to Trap 2, I just use the star system. I don't bother with the priority field itself.

I've also been using aviation style checklists via Toodledo's subtasks feature. Short lists for specific situations.

KISS is a good principle for TODO lists. Focus on what you're doing, not on the overhead of maintaining the system. A system with too much overhead is counterproductive. Strip away anything you're not actively using.

Posted: Aug 08, 2011

"Status: This is my main 'mandatory' field"

I actually hijacked Contexts for that, since I wasn't using them anymore. Wasn't totally satisfied with Toodledo's statuses, and they can't be edited.

"Due date and Time: Only for externally timed tasks"

Pretty much agreed - I haven't really used them that much except for when I really need to hold to a certain time.

I did use them a lot more in college, because homework was always on a strict schedule. Right now, however, my current job isn't so scheduled.
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