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Posted: Dec 18, 2013

Is there any tool or way to view a set of tasks (saved search/otherwise) in a Kanban type of view? I'd love it if the Status' could map to columns, and I suppose folders or parent tasks for lanes. It would be great to have a visual view of projects/tasks (tasks/subtasks or folders/tasks) and be able to visually drag/drop tasks into various states.

Posted: Dec 18, 2013

I think the saved searches feature is awesome! I use it all the time, and I've created searches that show the tasks I can work on from places I am commonly working at (e.g. I have a search that combines the contexts of Office, Phone, and Computer for when I'm at my office sitting at my desk where all of those things are available to me, etc.). I also have searches that I've saved that show all the potential next actions for each location (so I can star/mark them for action), and another for all the projects I'm managing (using subtasks) so I can review them and identify next actions and kick stalled projects in the nads. I seem to find a new use for these searches every day!!! AMAZING!

Anyway, my problem is, as you can probably guess, is that each of these searches needs to be sorted differently. For example, seeing potential tasks to work on sorted by context or priority is very useful, but, I want to see projects sorted by goal or folder (which I use to separate work from personal items). Is there a way to save the sort order with the search it's designed for?