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Posted: Apr 27, 2014

Posted by Jake:
Which version of the Mac OS are you running?

10.9.2 2013 MBA

Posted: Apr 24, 2014

Posted by Jake:
Please try the update that we made available today and let us know if you still have trouble.

Still hangs with the message "Connecting".

Posted: Aug 06, 2013

The menubar app fails on my up-to-date MBA. Either no response at all or states that it can't connect. I'd open a ticket on it, but at this point I'm really just a tourist visiting a place I used to live to see if I am interested in moving back here. Guess not.

Posted: Feb 24, 2013

Posted by Andrey Ustyuzhanin:
Still wouldn't it be possible to do the same - send notifications from server to customer application about due dates about to happen (or that it has just happened)?
I have several monthly tasks and if I don't happen to open toodledo on daily basis I usually miss them by day or two which is frustrating really.

Why don't you set Toodledo to send a daily email then?

Posted: Feb 17, 2013

Posted by bertocorredor:
Like many people in this thread, I cannot really understand why you are investing time and resources in a new mobile website. I've been using your Pro service for quite a while because you had the most comprehensive GTD approach for my needs, despite the fact that you have ignore Android users from the beginning (thanks DGT GTD for filling the gap). I think, and this is obviously only my opinion, you should focus in covering your weak points, which are at the moment the lack of Android and desktop apps. You should aim to get an integration and cross-platform experience similar to that of apps like Evernote. Otherwise I cannot see why users won't be jumping ship with more attractive options coming out (think of doit.im, Nirvana, etc).
My 2 cents.

This is just my two cents also, but given the ever-changing landscape, a good mobile website seems sensible. I have read that the average Android user does not use advanced smartphone features as much as iPhone users do, making it a smaller market than iPhone, but larger than Winphones and Blackberries. Doing a good job across many platforms is hard, and the survival of Evernote or Wunderlist is not a given. The competitors you cite are not nearly as we'll-rated as Toodledo, which competes well against top-rated apple-only products like Things and Omnifocus.

Posted: Feb 13, 2013

It looks like overdue dates are now showing in a small red font which I like.

Posted: Jan 31, 2013

Posted by Purveyor:
Posted by mco:
As Steve Job famously observed, users don't know what they want. Focus groups don't focus. I would rather have one talented person steering than a self-appointed committee.
Perhaps Steve Jobs was a one-in-a-billion genius who knew more than anyone else what people wanted, but Jake is not Steve Jobs. (And Toodledo is definitely not Apple.)
Also, I said nothing about focus groups or self-appointed committees.

If you actually believe that "users don't know what they want", then you create a contradiction whenever you, as a user, express your opinion. For example, here's something that you said about a particular feature of Version 3.0:
It's not great and it's not good design.
From iOS app update: Version 3.0

Who are you to decide what's great and what is good design? Why are you even expressing your opinion? Why don't you just leave things to "one talented person"? Because you think that your opinion means something, and I agree.

In any case, my previous post was not so much about Jake listening to what users want (although that's obviously part of the message) as it is about Jake being more open about what he is doing. Specifically, he should be giving us a clue about what is happening with the next release of the iOS app. If, though, he continues to insist on being secretive (because he doesn't want to be "under pressure"), then he increases the risk of another "disaster" (his word not mine) and then he'll really be under pressure.

The early reaction of a large number of people to a new version of something is usually a good indicator of how it will be received. In this case, there were issues. Jake has taken his lumps, and he's being careful and cautious. I would be too. On the other hand, the identification of "desirable features" by users prior to launch and their inclusion is not a good indicator of how it will be received. Design by committee and creeping feature lists have well-known problems. I have seen many feature requests for Toodledo and similar software that were unrealistic and misguided. Design is an art, and often involves hidden trade-offs. Jake has a very good record of including new features at a brisk pace while preserving older functionality, and I recommend waiting with patience and understanding.

Posted: Jan 31, 2013

Posted by Purveyor:
It seems to me that you don't fully understand what it was that "almost killed" you.

Who is doing the "extra testing"? Besides you and your team, how many users are involved in testing and providing feedback to you? It would be a good idea if you told us.
Perhaps it's time to be more open.

As Steve Jobs famously observed, users don't know what they want. Focus groups don't focus. I would rather have one talented person steering than a self-appointed committee.

Posted: Dec 04, 2012

I miss the actual date added and date modified when sorting by those fields.

This message was edited Dec 04, 2012.

Posted: Dec 03, 2012

Posted by Alan:
Well, I for one have had enough. I'm switching to Appigo's "ToDo" app to sync with Toodledo, and I will decide soon if I'm going to stick with Toodledo completely. I may no longer need it, but I still think it's the best web-based task manager around.

Appigo seems to have stumbled with their latest releases as well. Read the reviews carefully and decide if that's really what you want to do.

Posted: Dec 02, 2012

Posted by SimonFincham:
Posted by mco:
It turns out I really hate looking at "No start date, No due date, No location, doesn't repeat" for almost every entry. I don't find "Started" to be useful, as an actual start date would be. Why display all this useless verbiage?

Go into Settings, Fields & Defaults and you can make a choice to use or not use a field; further, the placement of those fields top to bottom dictates what is presented to you in the task list? Totally in your control; how great is that!

You miss my point: I want to use those fields but not necessarily display them, particularly if they convey no useful information. By displaying four fields below the item in v3 instead of two or three (a choice in v2), and suppressing display of the fields used for view and primary sort, we have six fields in three places for each item, most of which are not useful. In addition the order and placement of the fields changes from view to view, in a way that is not directly under user control. It's not great and it's not good design.

Posted: Dec 01, 2012

It turns out I really hate looking at "No start date, No due date, No location, doesn't repeat" for almost every entry. I don't find "Started" to be useful, as an actual start date would be. Why display all this useless verbiage?

Posted: Nov 29, 2012

Posted by Alan:

- I really find the "priority" color bar thing a bit too large related to the rest of the information, but more importantly, the colors don't work. Medium is an orange, while Top is red. That's problematic, because the colors are too close to each other and they don't stand out.

I see top priority as a shade of orange, not as red. It turns out different people have slightly different photoreceptors that are sensitive to slightly different frequencies, and this can affect what we perceive as orange or red. I agree the colors are too close.

Posted: Nov 11, 2012

Posted by Salgud:
Posted by mpc_janssen:
Posted by Salgud:
In my opinion, one of the serious flaws in GTD, Allen's definition of a project. By his definition, brushing my teeth is a project because it "takes more than one physical activity to complete".

1. Go to bathroom
2. Open cabinet
3. Grasp toothbrush in right hand
4. Grasp toothpaste in left hand

By Allen's definition, virtually any human activity is a project. It is far to vague to be a definition.

I don't think that's how David Allen intends a next action, that wont be workable.

I don't think I implied, and certainly didn't mean to imply, that's how he meant it. That's why it's a bad definition. It can be easily misinterpreted.

Almost any commonly used word needs multiple definitions to convey its range of meaning. David Allen says very explicitly that the level of granularity in your next actions, which determines what is and is not a project, is up to you. He very explicitly rejects your example as absurd. But if you need a flow chart to brush your teeth, go for it.

Posted: Oct 31, 2012

Posted by vwler:

is it possible to assign an individual number to any task and sort by this number? I would use this number to sort task by the priority I assigned to the task by giving it a number.

Help would be highly appreciated as this is the only reason why Toodledo does not really work for me!

If you are not using tags for anything else, you can use them. Actually, you could do the same thing with many of the fields in Toodledo. You need to figure out what works for the sorting you want: is one 1 or 01 or 001 or even #1.

Posted: Sep 21, 2012
From Topic: Omnifocus to Toodledo

Posted by hubertlawoffices:
The initial eyegrabber for me is the potential for collaboration in Toodledo. I've got a lot of stuff in OmniFocus. How would I get it over to TD?

OF exports, and TD imports CSV. Read the documentation carefully, back up your data, and proceed cautiously, of course.

Posted: Jul 26, 2012

Posted by ericaforpresident:
For clarification, what I would like is if:

A: I could link the task to a contact in my phone, and thus just hit something and have it open that contact on my phone


B (probably more feasible): have the app recognize a phone number and allow me to just touch the phone number on the screen and have my phone make the call.

B is already present in the iPhone app. Try entering a phone number in the note field. Save and notice the phone number is in blue and underlined. Touch it to place the call.

Posted: May 03, 2012

Posted by dannyw0011:

MLO takes a different approach to task management than does Toodledo, an approach that appears to offer benefits in some ways. Their tree-based system apparently allows for more hierarchal tasks, the multi-level sub-tasks that many Toodledo users want so badly, myself included. However, maybe I've just been using Toodledo too long, but the tree-based system just appears a little more difficult to follow than Toodledo's approach.

At the time it first appeared, MLO was widely regarded as a rip-off of Life Balance. Life Balance started out on Macs, and is still available, but is not being updated frequently.

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

Posted by Alterb:
I've put some more time into trying to make the subtasks work. The deal breaker is that I can't find a way on the iPhone (where I spend 100% of my time with Toodledo because I'm mobile) to quickly add a task on the fly, and later move it to a subtask when I have more time to clear my "inbox"

The only way I can figure out, is to actually be on the parent task, and click subtask. This takes too much time, and caused me to forget some items, because I couldn't keep them in my head while I moved through a list of projects, and than selected subtask.

I need to be able to quickly list a task, and figure out where it goes, later.

If I'm wrong about this, please let me know.



That is the one thing that Appigo Todo does do that the Toodledo iOS app does not. It doesn't bother me too much. Often, I am following up on an existing task, and I go up one level to the project and enter a new subtask. Even faster is to clone an existing task and then change the details. If I have something coming in from email, I can move it into the project later using the web interface.

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

I do not care for Appigo Todo myself because it hides subtasks behind projects all the time, except in the hotlist. Also, it does not support the start date.

What you want is to have subtasks indented on the web site. I suggest having projects as a context so it is easy to get a list of just projects. I use "-Projects" so it sorts to the top. On an iPhone or iPad, look at just your projects. The tasks for each project will pop up for you when you touch the subtasks field of each project. If you are looking at a task in a context menu, you can see the project above it the same way. You can even go up and then down into the list of next actions for each project. It's actually pretty simple and convenient.
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