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Jason Spencer

Posted: Jul 29, 2011

Nothing short of brilliant. The UI is dope and the functionality is there. Toodledo could easily jump leaps and bounds beyond any competition. A major congratulations is owed to the entire team :)
Jason Spencer

Posted: Apr 06, 2011


I really would love to know how cool it would be to look at all the great things you can with Toodledo.

I am quickly discovering that Toodledo is one of the still best kept secrets on the internet. You rarely hear Jake tooting his own horn, yet his software has a very huge userbase. Would love to hear more from the gent himself.
Jason Spencer

Posted: Nov 02, 2010
From Topic: Why Toodledo works

This is off the record. But toodledo has legs. The custom themes people can create for it rock. I am currently registered for a pro account. You give a lot of bang for your buck and I highly recommend people try a little program for the desktop called Taskangel.

Has anyone else had the opportunity to use it--Taskangel?

Also when do you expect the offline to be ready? Personally I am not sure if it's needed that badly with thirdparty software like Taskangel.