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Posted: Aug 04, 2010
From Topic: Edit Date Completed

Just periodically checking to see if it will ever be possible to edit the date completed. I don't always get to check off things are done on the day I do them and I need this for billing purposes. I realize that you don't release when you plan upgrades and tweaks, but I've been hangin in since 2008 in hopes this will be changed. Should I keep checking in or can you end my misery now and just tell me it will never be done?

Posted: Feb 07, 2010

Love all the new bells & whistles, but what's the latest on being able to edit the completed date? There must be others like me who play catch-up and don't have time to mark something as completed until a day or two later. I need accuracy so I can bill my clients so please, please, please give this some consideration.

Posted: Sep 25, 2009

I'm re-evaluating Toodledo again after a long lapse so I don't know if there's a way to change the date a task was completed. Sometimes I have to play catch-up and clean out my tasks, usually at the end of the week. A task may have been completed so I can get it off my list, but I need to put the correct date the task was completed, not when I check it off during my catch-up session. So I'm using Toodledo as a timesheet of sorts for clients, accountant, etc. so at the end of the month its easy to just export my completed tasks to Excel so my time could be billed and the dates I completed them are accurate. Can this be done?

Posted: Jan 25, 2009
From Topic: 2008 In Review

Bravo! You guys are doing a great job and I wish you much success in the coming years. Here's a question: Is there a place where you tell us about things you hope to accomplish in 2009 and beyond? Or how about a place that centralizes requests you receive? It would be nice if I knew if someone else has already made the request or if there was some way we could tell how popular the request is. And if someone requests a feature, maybe you could comment on why you think the suggestion is not realistic from your perspective.

Posted: Aug 31, 2008
From Topic: Docs in Email Help


I used Tooledo in the past but discarded it 'cuz it just wasn't quite right for me yet. Now with all the improvements, I'm back to give it another shot so I just upgraded to Pro. I've been poking around and it's really a great product - Kudos to you guys!

There may be a way to do this, but I couldn't find it so here goes...

Clients send me docs to work on and I love the convenience of accessing easily them when I open a task in my current program. There's an "open original email" button and I'm quickly linked to the original, including the attachments. So cool, 'cuz then I don't have to read through the code that html email generates in the body of the task.

I can't find a similar feature without going through the steps of adding the file to Tooldedo, which I don't want to take the time to do. So if there was some way to just "open original email" that would solve the problem for me, especially if I were directed to my Gmail account via a link to where the original email has the attachment.

Is something like this possible??