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Posted: Aug 11, 2008

Okay.. Toodledo is so close for me and being able to work as my GTD system. The new status field is great. But I would love a couple of tweaks to the search to make it ideal for me and perhaps others too.

Some quick info on my usage. I use subtasks for project because they are so much quicker to deal with. I use status for bucketing things such as someday, next actions, etc...

My requests:

1. I do not want to flag every single action as a next action.. it is too error prone and time consuming. To me, Every action is a next action unless it is part of a project (subtask for me) which has some ordering of actions. So in my case I need the search to be able to determine if a task is a subtask or not. That way I could easily save a search called 'My Next Actions' that would include all non-subtasks plus subtasks with a 'Next Action' status.

I could also setup a search for my review to include all projects with no next action if it could also allow me to search for any tasks with subtasks underneath it.

2. I love the iphone version of Toodldo. But using search/status/subtasks the way I do means that I need my saved searches on my iphone version. I do not want to weed through all my someday tasks when I am looking for things to do while on an errand.

So in summary.. search criteria would need to include "Is Subtask" and "Has Subtasks" properties and the saved searches need to show up on the iphone/mobile version.

Is any of this coming?

Thanks for all of the good work!