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Posted: Apr 15, 2013

Last year I bought a year subscription of both pro version of toodledo and nirvanahq. I end up choosing only nirvana for the year, but now as subscriptions are expiring I would like to take another try with toodledo to decide what of them to extend.

Toodledo is a pretty complicated one, so there are some features which I was unable to find:

1. Sequential tasks.
If task contains several subtasks, I'd like it to be possible that only the first uncompleted task of the list is listed in views like "hotlist".
And I don't want to manually mark the first subtask of the task with star or something.

2. Task (with subtasks) template. The FAQ says I can use priority -1 for such tasks. But subtasks still have higher priorities and are shown in views.
If I make all subtasks priority -1, then when I clone the template, I need to set all of them different priority manually (and I have a template with 67 subtasks, so it's quite time consuming).

3. I try to use folders for nirvana's "Next", "Later", "Someday" categories (is that a valid usage?). The problem is again with tasks containing subtasks... If I move the task from "Later" to "Next", for example, subtasks are still in "Later".

Could anyone comment on those? Thanks.