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Posted: Feb 23, 2012

I am also Android based and use Ultimate Todo list. In my experience, it syncs seamlessly with Toodledo. I also used Toodledo free version for a year or so, and then upgraded. The two together make a wonderful system.

Posted: Feb 15, 2012

Maybe it's because I have never overly relied on the outlining approach to projects, but my work flow hasn't really been impeded by the lack of deeper levels of subtasks. In fact, although I upgraded earlier this year in order to o have access to subtasks, I've decided after a couple of months experimenting, that they add needless complexity to my system.

I had hoped to refine my system to make the task the project, and then utilize the subtask function for the tasks. But I found it very confusing to move between the flattened, indented and hidden subtask views. I also found myself using a prefix to connect the subtask to the project anyway (necessary to differentiate similar tasks related to separate projects in some cases, and necessary to clarify when using the flattened view, in others. I also struggled to add a project task that would visually stand out (I tried all caps).

I'm glad I upgraded to pro subscription and I’m happy to support this fabulous site. But I've simplified my approach considerably.

I have two contexts: Home and Work. I use folders (5) for work only, named by area of responsibility. I use tags for home and work related things: individual family members, agenda items to review with my direct reports, standing meetings, my boss, errands, etc. I love being able to have as many tags as I need to for an individual task!

For work projects, I make sure that each task includes a prefix or single word that relates to the specific project. I create a saved search based on that prefix/word. Voila! I have all of my project tasks together. It doesn’t matter if the tasks are in different folders (they often are) or even occasionally in my different contexts (for me, occasionally work and home tasks bump into each other related to the same project).

From the view created by a saved search, I have all the tasks in a project together, and it's easy enough to sort, date, add, etc. As a bonus, the accumulated saved searches become a defacto project list.

When I’m focused on the HOME context list, I usually look at the full list, which is sorted by due date, or occasionally for planning I’ll review by tag. At WORK, I find it most useful to get a quick and comprehensive overview of my day by reviewing my lists quickly by folder/area of responsibility, tag or specific project/saved search – the order of review will depend on the nature of the day.

I have tried to simplify my system as much as possible and still stay on top of things. So far it’s working…YMMV.

Posted: Jan 07, 2012
From Topic: 2011 In Review

Just upgraded to Pro after using the free version for the past year. Toodledo is an incredible tool, I am constantly discovering powerful new capabilities. Thank you!

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