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Posted: Feb 01, 2012
From Topic: Sorting tags

Looking at another thread here it looks as though this is not possible. But I am asking just in case and to find out when it will be possible.

I need to be able to sort my Tags alphabetically in the lefthand sidebar instead of by number of tasks. At the moment there does not appear to be any way to do this.

However in the "official" ToodleDo iApps tags are sorted alphabetically. I keep having to find and pickup one of my iDevices to see my tags alphabetically and make my changes there.


Posted: Feb 26, 2010

For quite some time now every time I open any ToDo list it opens collapsed. I have to click on each of the priority levels (Top, High, ...) to expand them.

It's becoming annoying as I want to quickly click on Due Date - Today and see what needs doing today without having to click on Top, scroll down and clickon High, scoll down and click on Medium, ...

Is there some way to stop lists opening in collapsed view?

Thanks for any help or suggestions you may provide.


Posted: Nov 18, 2009

Is there some way to display and sync Custom Search Folders in the ToodleDo iPhone app?

I have a few custom searches that I have created and use most often with ToodleDo. I would like to be able to click on those search folders on my iPhone and display just those results.


Posted: Mar 19, 2009

CiĆ o Gui e grazie for the reply...

I'll go check out what's up at RTM... I have to admit since I've left and things have been working so much better for me here at ToodleDo I haven't looked back...

Posted: Mar 05, 2009

As said by ToodleDo both iApps sync with ToodleDo.com

The ToodleDo iApp provides both the possibility of manual synchronisation where the user syncs when the user wants to by pressing a Sync button AND automatic synchronisation where the iApp automatically syncs with ToodleDo.com every time the iApp is opened and closed.

Appigo's ToDo app also provides both manual and automatic synchronisation. However with their automatic synchronisation it "only" synchronises each time the iApp is opened. This, very minor, difference means you need to resync (either manually or by closing and re-opening the iApp) each time you modify something in the iApp itself.

Simply put both iApps probably do what you were asking for.

I used both iApps for about 3 weeks to compare and I now only use ToodleDo on my i-equipment. Your mileage may vary {vbg}

Posted: Mar 05, 2009

Reading your "Top Feature Request" my favourite would be Task Templates and the ability to duplicate tasks. I can already do everything offline with your wonderful iPhone app.

But the biggest weakness for me, especially coming at ToodleDo from RTM, is the management of Tags. The current free-text entry system is certainly less elegant than a managed list of tags.

At the moment we can, and do, type whatever we want as tags and as a comma-separated list. The problem is just that: we type. This leads to typing errors such as "clietn" which then creates a new tag and selection errors such as sometimes typings "clients" and other times typing "client".

I would certainly prefer that Tags were managed like Contexts in that we select from a list when entering and managing Tags. The major difference, obviously, is that there can only be one Context per Task while there can be, and often is, several Tags per Task.

My personal vote for a Top Feature Request would be a managed list of Tags rather than free-text entry. How do you determine which are the Top Feature Requests? I realise I may be alone in my request or in a small minority group. Do we ask for votes? Do others just chime in here with a reply like "Me Too"? How does this work?



Posted: Mar 03, 2009

OMG! That's perfect.

I had no idea ToodleDo did complex multi-criteria searches, without textual syntax, and which can be saved.

This is actually better than what I asked for.

It took me about 45 seconds to create exactly the display I wanted. Wow.


Posted: Mar 03, 2009

I'm sure this is simple. But I'm sort of new to ToodleDo.

I tend to use the Due-Date view and then sort by Priority. Is there some way for me to show tasks that are Overdue and tasks that are due Today on the same page in one list?

If this is a matter of RTFM please excuse me and point me in the right direction.


Posted: Mar 02, 2009

Outlook (e-mail is 90% of my life; all my contacts and calendar)

ToodleDo (used to be RTM up until very recently)

TimeSolv.com (although I am now looking in to the others mentioned here)

LogMeIn (tech support and installations on my clients' computers and all my computers at home)

NetSuite (accounting)

Twitter (and a bit of Facebook) - believe it or not I get a lot of tech news through Twitter


Mozy Online Backup (but that's done automatically)

Tech Blogs & Podcasts

Splash ID (accounts, passwords, ...)

Zenbe Lists (for ... well... lists)

TextPad (basic text editor for programming)

And a bit of Word and Excel

Posted: Mar 02, 2009

I just posted this on RTM's forums so I think it's only fair to post it here as well:

I'm not sure if this will get posted or remain in the Forum as I can certainly understand how it would not be perceived as positive.

But I am posting this, in case it does get published, as I think it might be helpful information to others looking at other options.

I have been using RTM for years. I have been a Pro user since the week they introduced the concept. I have used it on several computers and handhelds throughout the day every day.

I have just finished using RTM and ToodleDo during a 2-week period. I did everything double and in parallel for a fortnight.

It's now time for me to say goodbye to RTM, who I will miss in some ways, and hello ToodleDo.

ToodleDo's web version is just too simple and logical in comparison.
ToodleDo prints in colour, with font styles (bold) and differences in priorities and due dates in comparison to RTM's plain text printouts I've been manually highlighting with a highlighter forever.
ToodleDo has more levels of Priority rather than just 3.
ToodleDo's iPhone app is far superiour in both performance and flexibility.
Oh, and yes, ToodleDo does subtasks!

ToodleDo is right for me. Your needs may be very different.

Competition is good. It means that the best in any area can't just sit on their laurels. I'll keep watching this spot to see when (not if) RTM catches up and I'll be ready to come back whenever that happens.

In the meantime I am very happy with ToodleDo.