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Posted: Jul 22, 2012

I consider your suggested SOLUTION very overcomplicated. My opinion is when you need more than a few lists and calendar to organize yourself, it starts to feel OCD. But still, your ANALYSIS of drawbacks of GTD and its productivity applications in the first thread is among the best texts I have ever read on the subject. I fully agree with you and thank you for it.

I abandoned GTD system years ago and found again old-new system: common sense.
By the way, many people forget that greatest achievers in human history like Franklin, Mozart or Aristoteles did not use GTD. Can you imagine it? And IMHO I also doubt they had iPhone 4 and localization reminders :)

My time management philosophy becomes more and more simple: DO what is important over what is less important. Cultivate your habits, your personality, and your self-discipline. Be still aware of your vision and goals and do not overcommit to many things at once. That`s perennial wisdom repeated in hundreds of books, all together 10x useful than any newest GTD hack...