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Posted: Jul 29, 2011

Posted by Toodledo:
Please keep the feedback and bug reports coming via support tickets and questions in the Questions forum. This thread gets too full for us to directly answer questions here.


I just wanted to point out that Jake has requested that we use the support tickets for bug reports and feedback. I missed this message the first time I posted my feedback too, but I have now remedied my error by submitting a support ticket.

This is especially important for bug reports, and for feedback on things that are genuinely more difficult to use or find after the redesign. The quicker we report these things in a way they are sure to be seen, the more likely they will be fixed sooner rather than later! :)

Cheers everyone, and good job on finding thoughtful feedback to report! Together, we will help Jake get Toodledo even more awesome than it already is! :)


Posted: Jul 28, 2011


Since you mentioned that there are still some changes to be made, I'd like to chip in with some thoughts on my first impressions.

Firstly, the flipping of the top menu to the side is exactly what was needed. There are some complaints about this section being too wide (definitely noticeable on my non-widescreen screen) but I have some ideas that can help with this. I also agree with something someone on the other thread mentioned: it is not as obvious now which view we're in.

I have some suggestions that could address all of these issues... but they're probably easier drawn than described:

Points of note: my slight redesign is much narrower on the screen due to having just one column for the "View By" and also letting multi-line sub-view items wrap; also, there is more connection between the "View By" and the sub-views, and also more of a highlight of the currently selected sub-view and the whiteness connects it to the task panel.

Secondly, I while I mostly like what was done with the control bar for filters and sorting and the quick-add-task thingie, I think the navy blue is way too bold. Maybe it's just that the colour is too dark for the rest of the page. But at the same time, it seems too cramped close to the stuff below it. Maybe a bit of space underneath it would help, and a medium grey colour that is more in line with the rest of the page.

I very much like the grey, by the way. I think the whole thing should be as monochromatic as possible at first, and then use the same darkness and brightness levels to design coloured themes. Then you can be sure all the themes are equally useable, and it is only taste that determines the colour scheme that people choose.

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Posted: Jul 13, 2011

I'm a little behind the times! I had just decided today to try and investigate whether there was a reason for there not being any Got to Do updates in awhile... and I'm disappointed to see that there IS a reason, and it's a terrible, terrible reason.

I want to hope that this comes back somehow, because it sure was purdy, but I probably shouldn't get my hopes up if it's been this long since the cancellation without any word of any switch of ownership.

Hmm, maybe now I'll find something I can customize just a little bit more, instead of just waiting for an update that allows removal of fields I don't use...and allowing me to ACTUALLY SEE my subtasks, which Got to Do couldn't. Ultimate To-Do looks like it will be awesome, if slightly less good-looking.

Maybe this change is a good thing... though if a developer were to pick up Got to Do, they could surely fix it up and make it great.

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Posted: Jun 17, 2010

Love the click menu, though I still forget sometimes and hover instead.

There does seem to be a lot of stuff accumulating near the checkbox now... perhaps the menu can be set up to do more:

* an option in the menu to star the task, then the icon changes to have a star on it
* drag it to put a task as a subtask (and then change the icon for parent tasks to be a bigger block, 2x3 maybe, and a child to be 1x2)

Or if the block thing doesn't work out (let's not call it L-E-G-O in case copyright is an issue!) the next choice of icon could be designed to do all of the above. (I'm thinking simpler would be better, like a square with a downward-pointing arrow that would intuitively indicate a menu.)

I'm just throwing out ideas randomly, as they're coming to me, not because I dislike the change but because it has inspired me to see what more it can be. Excellent improvements again, as always, Toodledoers!

Posted: Apr 12, 2010

Okay, so, ever since Chrome broke its ability to change the default font settings in their Options menu, we have had to deal with a really tiny fixed-width font for editing notes and even writing in this forum.

I decided today to check if it was fixed (in version 5.0.342.9), and it almost is!

Here's what you have to do:
* Go to the wrench menu, and select Options.
* Go to the third tab "Under the Hood", scroll about 3/4 of the way down, and select "Change Font and Language Settings".
* Note that the fixed-width font says size 13. We want to change this to match the other two, so we click "Change..." and go change the font size to 16.
* Upon hitting OK from the change screen, we see that the fixed-width font says size 16. We can close the options menu and be done with it.

Here's the trick though: don't go back and check if the setting stayed as you set it. It does stay, but only until you look at it. If you go look, it actually says 13 again, and if you close from the window with it reading 13 it will actually revert to 13. So don't look! (Or if you do, go back and fix it to 16 again.)

Ta-daaa~! :)

Posted: Apr 09, 2010

As soon as I realized Got To Do had become an important part of my workflow, I bought it.

My first Android Market purchase! Now... I'm probably doomed! ;)

Posted: Apr 05, 2010

I use http://BubbleTimer.com and absolutely love it. It's not free, but there is a free trial, after which it's just $20 for a year. I've been using it for almost a year and a half now, and it has really given me a great perspective on what I'm spending my time doing.

Where it really shines is in the fact that you don't have to get all anal about recording everything to-the-minute, because the time bubbles represent fifteen minute chunks. This means you can spend less time trying to figure out how many minutes were spent doing something, and more time actually doing it.

It also includes the ability to set daily and weekly goals of things you want to achieve, or things you want to minimize. You can view reports on whatever timeframe you want to see, or export and view in a spreadsheet.

That 1DayLater one looks pretty intriguing too; thanks Shryse for pointing it out!

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Posted: Apr 05, 2010

You could try making a comment in the notes field every time you check off progress for the repeating task. The notes field carries forward when a task repeats, so you can be reminded of your progress every time you look at the latest iteration of the note.

I'd suggest putting the most recent update at the top of the list, so when you eventually have a lot of notes, you won't have to scroll down to update it.

Here's an example of what a progress note could look like:

[Mon Apr 05] practiced techniques learned last day
[Sat Apr 03] read a tutorial entitled "How to Do the Thing": http://example.com
[Wed Mar 31] bookmarked a bunch of interesting tutorials on Doing the Thing
[Mon Nov 30] vowed to learn how to Do the Thing, but never got around to doing anything to push it forwards

Notice that putting the date on notes like this will help you feel a little more urgency when progress has gotten stale.

Thanks for asking such a good question! It made me realize that I have several things I'd like to make repeated progress on, and now I know exactly how I will do it! :)

Posted: Apr 05, 2010

I think you need to be sure you're viewing subtasks flattened, because the matching subtasks won't show up unless the parent task also matches the search criteria.

Posted: Apr 05, 2010

Is there a way to see all these tips in one place?

I'm not sure if I just forget seeing them, or if maybe they didn't exist when I started here.

Posted: Apr 05, 2010

Chrome is working fine for me too (v

Posted: Mar 16, 2010

Thanks for the detailed reply!

I don't know how I missed the idea that 'Configure Summary' would remove what items are shown on the screen that is clearly labelled 'To Do Summary'. Oops!

Amazingly, that small difference in perspective means a lot, and I might end up using this app after all. And I totally understand about the ads; just didn't know about the 325 character limit. I will be happy to put up with the ads while I'm testing this out to see if it fits in my workflow. :)

If you do end up giving an option to remove unused fields from the edit screen, I'll be extremely pleased. Then, perhaps, when you eventually add Goal functionality (even if the reason is just to make the connection with Toodledo more complete), those who don't use it can remove it. I'm planning on putting Goals back into my system eventually, but not for awhile. It's one of those good ideas, "if only I had the time..." ;)

Anyways, very well done, as I tried to emphasize above despite my dislikes listed. I'd like to make sure other readers of this post realize how in awe I am of how well you've done this! :)

EDIT: The widget!!! I didn't even test out the widget until a moment ago! BEAUTY! And nice options to customize it! (Will there eventually be an option to change its colour to black in addition to the existing white? and perhaps some additional size options?)

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Posted: Mar 16, 2010

If the problem is that you'd like to easily browse the link from a computer, there are a few easy ways from within a web browser to get text links to easily bring you to the link locations.

In Google Chrome (which I describe first, because it's what I use) just highlight the link and drag it to a new tab.

There was a Firefox extension I used to use, but I can't find it in a quick search because there are so many others that have similar functionality.

In IE... no idea. sorry! :)

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

I guess I didn't think floating menus would work is because you kinda need to always know what your current "tab" (current nomenclature) aka sub-view you are in. So, it's more than just a way to get to that view, but a way to be reminded of what view you're in.

I suppose there could be a header too, but ... less is more, right?

Also, I can see how wrapping could be ugly if it's not done right, but I think abbreviating is pretty ugly too. Whatever the case though, I still think having the width adjustable is a good idea, and let double-clicking the edge of the sidebar resize it so that it fits the longest of the items listed (kinda like how spreadsheet columns can be quickly resized that way). The default width could be such that "Recently Completed" is the longest item that doesn't need to wrap or be abbreviated. Or something. It was just a thought. :)

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

I disagree. The reason I hide such things is because I don't want to see them when I expand the todo item. I want my details to be as streamlined as possible, to minimize distractions.

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

I can see how your proposed default behaviour would be useful, because it's more often that I forget to set a task to repeat with parent than I add tasks that don't need to repeat with parent.

But I do have a real world experience where I didn't need the task to repeat with the parent: I was marking assignments, and I found that a lot of people had cheated on the assignment, so I added a task: talk to the professor about the cheaters. This doesn't need to happen every time... I hope! :) However, if such a task did accidentally start appearing and I didn't need it, it would be easy to remove the repeating behaviour... and that's better than the reverse, having to recreate a task or completely forgetting the task because I had forgotten to make it recreate itself.

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

Posted by mccotter:
It's not so much the window dressing on the site (this can be changed with user styles / greasemonkey scripts), as it is the underlying structure of the elements. I don't think having the views done horizontally across the top of the screen works well. Lists of dynamic length, such as your contexts, folders, tags, etc ought to be vertical.
Right now, the Views are listed across the top, when you click on one it populates all of the corresponding elements as tabs listed horizontally across the page. This doesn't work well IMO because you'll quickly run out of room if you have a bunch of tags. I envision these "submenus" as fly-outs when you click on one of the views in the sidebar.

Yes yes YES! Structure is the problem, and using a vertical list of views with submenus is the solution that would make this whole experience feel much less dated.

Even better: I think it's all cosmetic, and so it shouldn't be difficult to implement! It might even be possible for a third party to redesign the interface just by looking at the Page Source!

Great job on the mockups, mccotter, because they definitely show how much more clear our views can become. I prefer the first of the two fly-out styles though, because the second would compress the content pane.

On the subject of sidebar width, I'd imagine it would best be adjustable. Also, really long names of things (like Recently Completed) should wrap to multiple lines.

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

Hehe, I still am always forgetting to check off tasks, and so they keep getting recorded late. So I'm still wishing for this feature too.

I kinda feel slighted that the Statistics bar graph is all but useless to me, because I know it's full of lies... ;)

On the bright side, I suppose it shows my Mondays to be way more productive than they actually are.

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

Thanks saskia.x! I just replied to another post of yours where you had a great idea I am going to implement soon: the saved search to reschedule stuff! :)

One thing I didn't mention about why I use the notes field for subsubtasks is that it feels way too fiddly to create whole new tasks for things that are really just parts of a task that isn't really a big enough deal to separate out into separate pieces. When I overplan things, I find I get overwhelmed.

Doing this note-field checklist also feels to me like a more natural way to show GTD's Next Actions, because there aren't a bunch of tasks sitting around waiting to become the NEXT Next Action; instead, the Next Action (or the one in progress) can be marked with an asterisk: [*].

For awhile, I had my tasks organized by last modified date, and so when I made any progress on something and updated the notes field, the task would float to the top of the list in a nice uplifting way. However, I've been sorting by other things lately, and I'm missing this. :(

Posted: Mar 15, 2010

Great tips, saskia.x.

I too am prone to missing due dates for a lot of things, but never thought to have a saved search to help me reschedule things in bulk. I generally just don't set many due dates.

Unfortunately, the result of this is that most of my tasks don't ever get considered because I end up only looking at the ones that are due. Maybe with your advice (plus some kind of weekly-ish review) I'd be able to put due dates on more things I really want to do, instead of just the things I have to do. It would be so nice if it was easy to shift the due dates when life gets in the way of my lofty ideas! :)

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