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Posted: Oct 22, 2009


Did the behavior of the Tab key change when adding a new task? Pressing Tab after filling in the task title used to take you to the folder selection box, then to context, then to due date. Now it jumps directly to due date. Pressing tab after that will go to priority, notes, and then browser address bar. It doesn't seem like it's possible to move to the folder and context boxes from the keyboard now at all. For me, this makes entering tasks much slower since I now have to use the mouse just both to select a folder and a context. I use folders all the time (and contexts often enough), so I am now mousing for every single new task. The old behavior was much better since even if you don't use folders and contexts, getting to the due date was quick enough--you just press tab two more times. It would be great if the old behavior would be reinstated.

Thanks so much,

Posted: Oct 22, 2008
From Topic: Updates to Notebook

One thing that I would love to see is a keyboard shortcut to switch to the Notebook section (and another one to go back to the Task list). Going to see my notes is the only reason I have to show the side panel in Toodledo. I can usually just keep it collapsed when I am working with my to-dos, and it would be great if one could get to the Notes and back without having to expand it.


Posted: Jul 21, 2008

Hi guys,

another suggestion for a due date enhacement. Right now, the major groupings for due dates are by month. In my case, for example, when I currently sort by tasks by due date most of them end up being grouped under the July 2008 heading. While it's good to be able to distinguish tasks that are due this month from those that are due next month, for me--and I assume for others too--it would be more helpful for the groupings to be more fine-grained. I would love for the default sort by due date to give me a group of tasks that are overdue, those that are due today, those due tomorrow, those due this week, and only then those due this month. Being able to see this at a glance without having to do date arithmetic would be really helpful.

Otherwise, Toodledo rocks. In combination with the iPhone app Todo, I now finally have a to-do management system that works seamlessly on both Macs and PCs, as well as when I am out and about. Thanks for creating such a great web app.

Posted: Jul 20, 2008

Ability to quickly add a task from QuickSilver (on the Mac) and Launchy (on the PC) would be great. Or has someone already developed these? (I looked but couldn't find anything)