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Posted: Feb 06, 2011
From Topic: Only 1 context

I essentially do all my work on the computer. I make very few calls, few agendas, etc. Thus my entire NA list is @Computer for the context. Do I need to create sub contexts such as @MS Excel @MS Access...OR do I then need to default to Priority, Energy, and Time ?

Posted: Feb 06, 2011

I read the below link http://www.toodledo.com/forums/5/2915/0/understanding-next-actions.html and it got me thinking about what the flow of next action steps should be for a project. Lets say

My project is:
Hire Snow removal service

Project (List)- Desired goals of ALL projects
Project Planning - All actions for All projects

Projects Found in Project List Folder
Hire Snow Removal Contractor
Get Married
Build summer cottage

Action steps found in Project Planning Folder
1 Search Google for references
2 Talk to Tom Jones for referrals
3 Call referred contractors
4 Review Bid Proposals
5 Call winning bidder and arrange time to sign contract
6 Sign Contract

Next Actions found in Action Folder
1 Search Google for references

Does Action 2 become my next action on my Action List after Action 1 is completed ?
Do all 6 actions stay on my Project Plan and as each action is completed do I determine the next action from scanning the project plan and move to my action folder ? What if 6 months down the road my boss asks me for the action steps that took place in the snow removal project ? I can't give this to him because I have lost the link between project and actions. Everything has been removed from my Project Plan Folder into the Action folder. Should I retain all the action in the Project Planning folder and just copy over next actions ?

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