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Posted: Apr 25, 2009

It will be very nice to have cut & paste option for pasting PICTURES INTO NOTES area other than JUST TEXT.
This way the FORMATTING can be retained.

Posted: Apr 07, 2009

I too have TIMZE ZONE issues with GOOGLE CALENDAR ICAL Live.
There is a time difference between TOODLEDO & GOOGLE CALENDAR.
Tasks have different timings on GOOGLE CALENDAR compared to TOODLEDO tasks.
I hope this will be resolved soon.

Posted: Apr 01, 2009

It might be good idea to have SORTING capabilities for various fields in the CALENDAR VIEW.
Currently SORTING is NOT available in CALENDAR VIEW.

Posted: Mar 30, 2009
From Topic: Pictures in NOTES

Is it possible to paste PICTURES (JPEG/PNG/BMP etc) as part of NOTES ?

Also I see FORMAT is getting changed whenever any TEXT is pasted from EMAILs.

Is it possible to retain the FORMAT as it is ?

Posted: Mar 29, 2009

When I type WEBCAL address for LIVE ICAL support in GOOGLE CALENDAR - i'm getting error message saying
"Please enter a public calendar address:.
Pl let me know how to solve this issue ?

Posted: Mar 29, 2009
From Topic: Calendar view

In calendar view - is it possible to display the TASK NAME instead of "TASK DUE".
This way the CALENDAR VIEW can be more intuitive.
Clicking the TASKS DUE can give more details - if required

Posted: Mar 27, 2009
From Topic: color coding

Is it possible to user defined color cods to display the tasks under different PRIORITIES. Current color differentiation of priorities is not that good.
Example - RED for TOP Priority, GREEN - for HIGH priority YELLOW - Medium and BLUE for LOW etc

Posted: Sep 21, 2008
From Topic: Notebook

NOTEBOOK is a good idea & using it for JOTTING DAILY routine work.
But to my surprise - I lost the data in NOTEBOOK - is it because too much of texh - close to 50 lines are so I had in the NOTEBOOK.
Is there any limitation on no. of lines or characters in NOTEBOOK.
Also it will be a good idea to enable CTRL+S for saving.
Everytime pressing SAVE CHANGES takes time.

Posted: Mar 14, 2008
From Topic: subtask

I have been using subtasks for quite some time now. Somehow subtasks organization, view and display is not user friendly. I have seen the same in similar softwares. they are well organized and very useful too. I request for a new way of adding, view, display of subtasks.
why can't we use tree structure for subtasks ???

Posted: Mar 11, 2008
From Topic: sorting

is there a way to sort both in ascending and descending order.
As of now it looks like only ascending order is available.
Also we can't sort the DATE ADDED field ?

Posted: Mar 11, 2008
From Topic: subtask creation

subtask creation has not been clearly explained in the HELP.
Is it possible to get some examples on how to define the sub-tasks ?

Posted: Mar 10, 2008
From Topic: date created

is it possible to have "date created" as a default display column ???

Posted: Mar 10, 2008
From Topic: subtask

when a subtask is added - it gets added to the list.
only issue is that it gets added in between instead of at the of the existing subtask list.
Request for adding subtasks in an order.