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Posted: Nov 07, 2011

Posted by s.leuthold:
I have tried out a lot of apps that sync with toodledo, and I can only recommend toodledo's own app. It is fast, reliable, supports all fields and has a good search option.
I also trust that changes in toodledo (web) will be implemented in toodledo (app) at the same time, so no time lag between that.

Maybe other apps are a little better looking, but compared to all the other flaws I've encountered in 3rd party apps, this alone is not worth changing. After having seen the great improvements in look and feel this year in toodledo, I'm convinced there will be more progress in this aspect as well.

I Agree that the app from toodledo on iphone/ipad is the best option we have but I think we need an official app for windows/mac. Right now I am trying todo from Appgio but I would love to see an official desktop app from Toodledo .

Posted: Aug 18, 2011

Love the new design !