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Posted: Dec 17, 2011

No. I have been using TD for several months now (Pro Account).

TD is very flexible, and I have experimented several ways to implement a GTD-like system. My current setup uses tasks/subtasks and goals.

Tasks/subtasks are used as projects/actions in D. Allen's semantics. If I had to express how I use goals in GTD terms, I would say they correspond to responsibilities and areas of interest (I call them "super projects" : big projects of the year, for instance).

I should add that I now use folders to mark status of each action (next action, waiting, someday/maybe,...) because I was not completely satisfied with the built-in status function.

I hope this makes things clearer and will be useful.

Posted: Dec 17, 2011

No idea either.

I use tasks and subtasks as described by Folke X, which is probably the main driver to subscribe to pro accounts. I have seen some posts about using goals in the same way as I describe ("super projects", or collection of tasks+subtasks). Many of them also discuss of workarounds to sort the goals (using A,B,C or 1,2,3 prefixes for instance).

Posted: Dec 11, 2011


I used to use folders for projects, but I have switched to goals. Pro : you can have some hierarchy (shrter term goals can depend on longer terms goals), allowing to build "super rojects". Con : so far, no way to manually arrange the list of goals as can be done for folders (only alphabetical order is allowed for goals in the left bar).

Hope it will help...

Posted: Nov 29, 2011
From Topic: Folders

I use a similar setup.

In addition, I use tags (such as @John Smith) to track Waiting for/delegated or simply Agenda items.
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