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Posted: 4 days ago
From Topic: User Testimonials

Toodledo is my ‘brain dump.’ TD is the closest thing I’ve found to a database that I can use as my ‘to do’ list. It’s powerful and flexible, but can be easy to use, too. I often put too much information in TD, but I always know I can get my information out, no matter where I am – and I rely on that.

Posted: 4 days ago

Please please keep in mind, Bridget, that some of us are "old-timers" (I've been using PCs since 1985, before the existence of the computer mouse) and are highly reliant on keyboards and shortcuts. Reaching for a mouse slows me down, big-time. I want to do as much entry/editing/menu access via the keyboard as I can.

Some new design trends seem to be trying to tell me that keyboards are out of date - but I'm still WAY faster as a typist than a mouser.

Thanks, and I'm (cautiously) excited to see the changes.

Posted: Aug 24, 2014

Please make the "experimental" vertical scrolling feature work (it doesn't really, now -- you cannot always see the right scroll bar without first horizontally scrolling, which is a PITA)! I should be able to see my column headers even at the bottom of my list, without "experimenting!"

I've turned it off, for now, and will just have to remember what column = what in each view...

Posted: Aug 24, 2014

Yeah, unfortunately I rely heavily on the keyboard shortcuts and, I believe, even checked them to see if ESC was listed as a shortcut. Didn't see it then, but I see it now. I'll just have to be more careful.

Posted: Aug 19, 2014

I was in multi-add mode, and had entered probably 8 new tasks -- stuff that was a brain dump, things I'd recorded on my phone that I wanted to remember to do. I pressed escape, for some reason -- and lost EVERYTHING! I use Toodledo because my memory sucks -- I will NOT be able to remember these tasks, now, and it's going to drive me batty.

Is there a way to prevent the escape key from exiting the screen when you're in ADD mode??

Posted: Jun 30, 2014

Sorry for the delay in checking back and responding.

I really only use Firefox, so it's hard to test other browsers, but I'll try.

It is inconsistent, but frequent. It is 'some of the time,' but it doesn't seem to be going away.

Posted: Jun 09, 2014

I noticed this last week but figured it was some kind of fluke that would soon disappear, but I'm running in to it again: I'll be editing recently-added tasks, updating all of the context -- normally, I click the context field of the next task with my mouse and then type the first letter of the context that I want to assign. But the context field will turn "read only" on me so that, if I type a "D" in the context field, I'll be suddenly switched into "due date view."

I'm using Firefox 29.0.1.

Posted: May 08, 2014

I've noticed this with many apps, since ios 7.1, and it occurs with TD on my iPhone, too, so I'm hoping you can give me some insight that will help me know how best to deal with this.

I'm in the TD app. I edit a task. I flip to another app to review notes, or a date, or something. I flip BACK to TD -- and there's a pause/refresh period -- but, if I'm not prepared for that, I think I can start working immediately (as I'm pretty sure I COULD, pre-7.1) -- and then the app refreshes. In TD, most of the time, it's not a problem because the app takes me back to where I last was (because I set that preference).

But, in other apps, it can cause problems. It'll refresh a screen so that I LOSE what I was doing before I flipped. The Bing search app, for example, loses the page I was on.

And, really, that PAUSE is a PITA. It did not occur, before, and it has slowed me down dramatically, on my iPhone. My brain does not retain things well (that's why I use TD). If I flip away and then have to wait for even a second, on my return, I may lose my place in my mind.

Can you explain what changed, in 7.1? I know there's stuff going on with "background app refresh"ing that was supposed to better-simulate multi-tasking -- but it seems to have made things MUCH worse (in my opinion).

Should background app refresh be ON, or OFF, to smooth this out? (It's currently OFF, for TD, for me.)

Posted: May 08, 2014

I like the ability to add reminders to the iPhone/ios Reminders app, and have them go to Toodledo.

Due to an experience with another app, I mistakenly thought that only the reminders added to the default ("Reminders") list in the Reminders app would be synched, but it appears that ANY reminder, added to ANY list, goes to TD and then, if "deleted on sync" is turned on (as I want it to be), it's deleted from Reminders.

Is there any way to send ONLY reminders added to the main/default/primary Reminders list, in Reminders, to TD?

(Do I win the prize for using the word "reminders" the most in a single post?)


Posted: Apr 08, 2014

It appears that every task that I add via my IFTTT recipes is being automatically tagged with "ifttt."

Can I prevent that?

Posted: Mar 10, 2014

Still working on this? I've gotten at least one update since this, and am still having the issue. Thanks...

Posted: Feb 05, 2014

I think I asked about this "feature" some time ago, and was told it's not possible, but I thought I'd check again -- is there any way to EXPORT (and then, ultimately, DELETE from Toodledo) the results of a custom search?

I'm taking some of my less important tasks and marking them with a status of "Postponed." I'd really like to (not just hide them, but) REMOVE them from Toodledo -- but "archive" them onto my hard drive, so I can recover them if desired.

Posted: Jan 24, 2014

I've noticed that recently (since the last update?), whenever I use the iPhone app and am in any task list -- the SEARCH/QUICK ADD "header" that used to appear OPTIONALLY at the top of my screen (I could drag down, to see it) -- always appears. I have to CLOSE it now, if I don't want it, rather than opening it if I do.

Is this a code change? Is there a setting?

Posted: Jan 22, 2014

Any tips on how to remember to/avoid ACCIDENTALLY using TD email syntax "keys" in my email subjects?

I forward emails from Gmail to TD a lot. I end up losing everything after whatever special character I've inserted (because I forget not to) into my subject line. I use -, @, *, & and : ALL THE TIME, in my tasks, so I naturally type them into my subject.

Is there an easier way to get my emails from Gmail to TD without having to save them to ensure that they got into TD correctly?

Posted: Jan 21, 2014

Is there any way to do a search for not only my repeating tasks, but only those that repeat "from completion?"

Posted: Jan 08, 2014
From Topic: "Repeat" glitch

Ditto. Is this related to the problem with daily repeating tasks (with only a start date) NOT moving forward, from yesterday (1/8/14) ?

I would enter this as a ticket, but the system isn't allowing me to enter a new one today (even though my last entry was yesterday)!

This message was edited Jan 08, 2014.

Posted: Jan 07, 2014

I have just noticed this, as well. Not sure it's happening for all of my recurring tasks, but there's one that's supposed to complete EVERY MONDAY, from DUE, and it won't move forward from yesterday!

Posted: Jan 15, 2013
From Topic: Clarify hotlist

I see that suggestion (custom search) a lot but, because I use TD probably 75% of the time on the iPhone, it doesn't work, for me!

I LOVE custom searches, but they're not a solution until they're available on the iPhone... (hint, hint!)

I'll just try to remember to always add a start date if I'm setting priority as "top."


Posted: Jan 12, 2013
From Topic: Clarify hotlist

I just want to make sure that I understand this: if I have a TOP priority task with a due date 3 weeks from today, and NO start date, and my hotlist settings are:
Has a priority of '3 Top' or higher
Has a due date in the next 2 days
Has a status of NEXT ACTION

those items WILL show up in my hotlist *before* they are due? So anything with a priority matching or higher than the setting for the hotlist MUST have a start date, or it will always show?

(Here's another reason I'd like to be able to multi-edit using FIELDS: "update tasks set START DATE = DUE DATE where priority=3")

Posted: Jan 07, 2013

Reviving this, with another example of how I'd like to use Multi-Edit (to get around my desire/"need" to count postponements): Search for all starred tasks due today, and change their DUE DATE to CURRENT DUE DATE + repeat interval; or to CURRENT DUE DATE + 1, etc.

I know my ideas seem useless to many, but just the ability to write "update queries" that use values from other fields, is what I'm looking for on this one...
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