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Posted: Nov 09, 2013
From Topic: Sub Sub Tasks

I agree. I've tried to adjust to the 3 levels of hierarchy: Folders > Tasks > Subtasks.

But it just doesn't fit my brain.
Project (titles) vs proper tasks (actionable) are too muddled.

I need to conceptually break down complex problems, in a logical (ie hierarchical) way.
Without flexible hierarchy support, Toodledo forces these awkward compressions of levels of abstraction, which makes recalling a project structure for future triage difficult.
I find myself wanting to abandon toodledo for mindmaps and such. But then I miss all the actionable and context filtering goodies.

I would like to be able to nest both both a project list, and infinite task nesting within a project.

The new outline feature is disappointing because it is not well integrated. It almost like a separate app that they bolted on.
Why should I have to go to separate chooser screen with it's own organizational structures to nest a list, outline, or note within a project.
Also the fact that it is reserved for the top tier price plan shows that this is not considered an essential feature in the developer's eyes.

A very simple alternative would be to have multiple notes under task, and and be able to re-order them via drag and drop, and also "complete" or cross them out.
These notes could then be used as light-weight subtasks.
Todo7 sort of does this with thier checklists feature. Todoist and Any.do also have similar functionality.

Again I don't think Toodledo's new checklist feature fits the bill here.

I've suffered a long time under this (ostensibly well meaning limitation), but I've just about given up on Toodledo to help me manage the complexity in my life.
(despite it's overy-complex and fugly UI's)

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Posted: Mar 09, 2013

Posted by brage.strand:
What is new in this app? Basically the same, but just more clicks to get somewhere :/

I would like to get:
* Custom search
* More flexible filtering and sort: Why cant i have different sort in my Hotlist and on my Priority view?

I agree. Seems like more of the same:

-Clunky visual design
(at least on the website we can use Stylish CSS overrides)
-barely usable speed
(erratic and extended lags on any touch app is super-frustrating)
-too many clicks/screens to wade through
(especially to get at sibling subtasks)
-No global search
-no way to tailor filters per view, or save filter presets
-cannot filter Goals

Toodledo has the most comprehensive & flexible data model of all the GTD apps I've seen. But a deal-breaking feature for me from the beginning was a reliably-syncing native IOS client. Over time, I've grown into using the website in more powerful ways, but I find myself avoiding the mobile UI, and consistently frustrated when I try to use it to manage data.

Patiently waiting... but I'm beginning to lose confidence.
(do I need to try and write my own mobile app client to be able to get at my data in a faster, more direct, more custom, more usable way?)

(Pro user for 3+ years)