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Posted: Dec 27, 2011

Hi Toodledo,

Just wondering if there's any way of connecting two tasks, somehow, such that the start date of the second task is the date that the first task is completed.

Basically, let's say I have a task that involves buying something online, but i need to transfer money to my currently empty bank account first. It wouldn't make sense to show the task "buy online" before the task "transfer money" is completed.

Is there a way to do this without manually setting the due date for the duration task and the start date for the second task the same? Say, if the first task has no due date, but it's just something I want to do when I get around to it?


Posted: Dec 27, 2011

Ultimate To Do List works extremely well as an unofficial Toodledo app for android.

Posted: Dec 22, 2011

Thankyou Admin =)

Posted: Dec 21, 2011

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there's a (relatively) easy way of changing the start and due dates of a large selection of tasks by a week (or any given period of time). Basically, I have periodic organisational tasks that I won't be able to carry out, as I'm going camping for a week soon, and just wondering if I can batch edit them in this way. I know a batch edit mode exists in Toodledo, but I don't think it has this feature.


Posted: Oct 04, 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm having issues with the calendar-style date selector. Whenever I create a new task, and select the date from the calendar, whenever I click on a given day, it selects the previous day for me. This has only occurred very recently. It doesn't occur when I edit the due date of an already created task, just when I create a new task.

Possibly a bug? Or time zone issues?


Posted: Jul 28, 2011

At first glance, the new design is really nice.

The only request, however, is a colour scheme other than grey. The best solution IMO would be a choice of different colour schemes.

Thankyou =)