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Posted: Jun 26, 2014

...vs. "Repeat from Due Date" for repeating tasks

Only option I see is to hover cursor over the Repeat field of the task when in task list view or adopt a naming convention to distinguish when you first design the task (like adding a special character for all your "from Completion Date" repeaters).

Am I missing something?

Key info when you're checking off an overdue repeating task. Seems a simple fix could make overall experience less mouse intensive.

Posted: Nov 04, 2013

I've got over 2500 task items with over 1500 of these lying dormant in a reflection context for periodic review and possible move to an action context when/if they become actionable again. I *DO* have a system for going through these periodically at intervals dependent on how close they are to the front burner.

Apart from this system, though, I would like a bullet proof way to ensure these all get visited at least annually...so I need a different sort not based on date to track this. I would just move along a keyword like 'TASKCRAWLER' in the Note field to keep track of where I'm at over time.

Looking at the XML file, there appears to be a database key to where every task has a unique identifier. Any way...INSIDE the Toodledo software...to sort by this key. Otherwise, it looks like I'm best off just going alphabetical by task name. Not all of my tasks have created/started info and I imported many of these from Palm some years ago.

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

Apologies up front - I can tell via "search" that this topic comes up time and again, but I'm unable to figure out what the latest is.

Not too painful for me to ALT-TAB back and forth and keep a common tag structure between these two apps, but...

When will Evernote seamlessly integrate into Toodledo? To the level that Nozbe does it.

Posted: Mar 05, 2012

Great stuff here.

I'm like you in that I've been playing with some PIM or another since 1999 (yes, it was a Palm) and now I find myself using a host of products that...again like you...includes Toodledo, Gmail, Gdocs, Evernote, among others. Instapaper.

Collectively, I've accepted these various tools along with my UCD, paper files, bulletin boards, white boards, etc. as my "extended mind" (which we all know is a better place to keep things than "psychic ram") with Toodledo being the root directory that keeps them synchronized via periodic "crawl" reviews and "scan" reviews (these are of course repeating taskers in different contexts).

You've gotten a lot farther than I have, though, where the rubber meets the road - action. Well done. Will be rereading your article again more slowly here soon (web clipped via Evernote, forcing me to evaluate again during weekly review when I process untagged, unfiled notes).

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