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Posted: Feb 20, 2013

(Sorry, this isn't a "bug," couldn't edit that setting.)

Hotlist behavior has changed, and it it causing problems for our clients and us. (Hotlist now suppresses tasks that meet all the Hotlist setup criteria when Start Date has not yet arrived.)

Problems with the new approach as implemented:

1) Hotlist Settings has no way to disable that new Start Date filtering. It doesn't even warn you about it.

2) It assumes a specific meaning for the Start Date field. Part of Toodledo's power is that the user can customize the fields and apply their own interpretations to those fields. But Toodledo now assumes that Start Date means "hide until" in the Hotlist. Not all users want to think of Start Date that way. For example, at least three popular time management approaches uses Start Date as a loose goal date, not a "suppress until" date.

3) #2 creates surprises. Each day we check the hotlist, and one day a hot task pops up that wasn't there the past 3 days. (Omitting Start Dates for those tasks doesn't solve it--it makes those tasks sort poorly in other views.)

4) Surprisingly, Priacta TRO trainees are confused by the repercussions of the new Hotlist (observed in remote desktop training sessions with a coach).

We figured a custom saved search would work just as well. But when we showed the trainees use the saved search, they were confused and more resistant of Toodledo:

a) Two "hotlists" is confusing, especially when the default one is the wrong one.

b) Since sort orders are only saved at the the top level instead of the list level, they are now forced to change the sort order several times a day. The saved searches don't work well if the sort order is wrong. (Before, they rarely changed sort order in the Search area, and they were OK with that.)

- Provide another option in Hotlist Settings to "Hide tasks from the Hotlist until ____ days before the Start Date." Default is 0.

Is there any hope for something like this?

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Posted: Jan 03, 2013

Argh. Thanks. Should have been "Was in the last 9999 days."

Posted: Jan 02, 2013

Sorry, that's not a correct analysis. We deliberately used OR, but the logic isn't being honored.

Ex: Click the second screencast to see the list of items it returned. One of them was "Create RDN Application". This did not satisfy any of the OR requirements (in the first screencast), but it was returned anyway. Many other tasks are similarly returned. THIS is the problem we are reporting.

Please advise. Should we submit a support ticket instead?

Posted: Dec 29, 2012

See this screen shot of the saved search settings that are not giving valid results:


The search returns these results:


Note that some tasks are returned which do not have a start date in the next 1 day and which do not have more than 0 priority.

An earlier version of this query returned all -1 Negative priority tasks as well, so we added that extra (unnecessary) clause at the top to see that behavior.

Why is this happening? We've used this for a long time to train people on Toodledo, but with 3 days as the cutoff for Start Date.


Kevin Crenshaw
Head Coach, Priacta

Posted: Oct 17, 2012

Thank you.

However, this feature in your iPhone app needs a warning. You ought to be able to detect that this is going to happen by checking the Exchange account existence and then checking its import setting. If not, you should issue a generic warning.

The propooed fix doesn't allow for tasks I entered into Toodledo manually on this same date.

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Posted: Oct 17, 2012

BTW, I have verified that I'm using the latest app store release.

Posted: Oct 17, 2012

iOS 6, iPhone app, all was going well until...
I turned on Reminders Sync so I could import from Siri (delete on import ON).
Suddenly My last list ballooned from 214 tasks to 2217 tasks, and it is now unusable.

Where are all those tasks coming from, how do I remove them, and how do I prevent this for me and all our clients (we recommend and train people on Toodledo regularly).

- Kevin

P.S. I have an Exchange Server Email and Calendar account set up on my iPhone. It has Reminders turned on, mostly to support Calendar reminders. That Exchange account has some old emails and tasks in it with flags or reminders on them, and I wonder if ALL those tasks were suddenly imported into Toodledo? This is a dangerous feature and should have a warning on it. It could take me a long time to clean out the junk that was imported...