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Posted: Jun 17, 2008

Hi all, I wrote a python script so I can print out my tasks (to take to the store, etc). It's a bit messy, but works. I'll be adding features in the future like templates, calendar printing, etc, but for now, it just prints my tasks grouped by Folder (ignores context), then by priority, then by tag.

If any of you like to print out your lists, give it a try and post some suggestions.

You can download the script at


The only dependency is ReportLab.


Posted: Jun 04, 2008

Currently, you can limit your view to a context while in a folder. It would be nice if the interface to do so were the same as limiting to a context while in the context view. That is to say, have a link across to top to each context showing their count. This would be great combined with the folder view.

Like this

[Context: | @School (5) | @Home (2) | @Call (3) | @Shop (1) | ]
[Folder: | CS411 (2) | CS473 (1) | CS433 (1) | Misc (4) | ]

So that say, clicking on @School would make only Folders with items @School display and reset the count to reflect items in that folder also @School.

This would really really enable people to efficiently use both contexts and folders.

Even better would be to have a third line just like the two above for tags.

What do you people think? I think the two things preventing me from using Toodledo more are

a) I want to see all possibilities at once for all classifications so I can jump around quickly.
b) Few printing options.

(a) I can't do much about, but (b) I can. I'm currently writing a python script to print a single page of my tasks efficiently. It will have multiple columns, look something like -

Folder 1
[tag1, tag2, ...] Do something
details on do something here
[tag1, ...] Do something else
[tag2, ...] And something else
Folder 2

When I get it reasonably nice for a single workable style, I'll work on options like print w/, w/o tags, tag before/after title, show/hide details, etc.

If people are interested enough, should I post it? This will be done entirely within python w/o any dependencies like latex, etc. I wonder if it could even be integrated into the server?


Posted: May 05, 2008

Excellent. The only thing that's missing now is to have a mode (useful for printing) where you can specify how many (1, 2, 3) of the sort criteria are converted to grouping headings. Right now only the first criteria does that. The great benefit to this feature will be that you can add another feature to hide the columns that have grouping headings. Your printing is currently superior to say, RTM, but would be superior still if most of the printed page wasn't wasted with data that's redundant. This would allow for clear, multi-column printing for example.


Posted: Mar 14, 2008
From Topic: filters

Sweet. Thanks!

Posted: Mar 14, 2008
From Topic: multiple goals?

Is there a way to do this, like w/ tags? Learning Django as a short term goal could mean both Learning Python and Learning Web Frameworks as to long term goals.

Posted: Mar 14, 2008
From Topic: filters

Currently you can only filter (most anywhere on the site - web list, print, etc) by a single item (context,etc). It would be *much* more useful to allow a list instead of a single drop down. For example, I want to print everything except those things belonging to long term goals. I don't see how I can do that at present.


Posted: Mar 14, 2008

Hi all, I just started using Toodledo Pro after being an almost satisfied user of RTM. The one thing RTM didn't have which I need is good printing. Printing here blows it away. Couple things though

1. If you print from the web page, say group by context, it would be nice to have the context column disappear as it is redundant and wastes space.

2. How do you get the tag to show up on booklet?

3. On booklet, Having the folder in large/bold heading (but less so than context) would be a good option instead of having it on each line. The way it currently prints makes it look like what a tag should be.