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Posted: Aug 17, 2012

Why don't you export and then edit the list and re-import the to do list items? That alone would be well worth the annual subscription!

Posted by Tyler:
Just want to add my vote for an easy-to-access multi-edit that doesn't require using search.

Related Note -- I love how feature-rich TD is, but the UI is consistently limited to editing/moving single tasks at a time, greatly increasing mouse clicks. Would love it if multi-edit feature was as simple as highlighting/checking off/marking a bunch of tasks in a list and being able to do something all at once to those tasks (move them as subtasks, change their folder, tags, etc.) I find myself making notes on paper first and then entering because that way I don't have to get distracted by moving single tasks around.

Posted by Toodledo:
Sorry, thats the way it currently works. The checkbox is for competing the task. If we had two checkboxes (one for checking it off and another for selecting it to perform some sort of bulk-edit), things would get really confusing.

I think it could be done in a way that was not confusing. For example, perhaps being able to highlight tasks rather than check them (for multi-edit), or putting the checkbox for multi-edit at the end of the line instead of the beginning, etc.

I'm a WordPress user, and I've seen this kind of feature in certain WordPress tables (usually plug-ins, although I think in the more recent versions of WP, there are some native tables like this).