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Posted: Jun 23, 2014
From Topic: An unusual recurrence

I've used the method of adding Fridays before. When I do this, I put the reminder in the task name. For example:
Go to class (7/28 add Fridays)

Posted: Jun 23, 2014

I use tags as well. My tags to establish agenda lists have a + in front of them. Things to discuss with John Smith have a "+John Smith" tag along with the other applicable tags. Things to discuss at the review meeting have a "+Review" tag along with the other tags, etc. By having them as tasks, if I don't happen to see John, the tasks themselves will prod me to take the initiative to meet with him.

Posted: Feb 12, 2014

I don't know of a way to do what you're asking, but you might get closer with one of these:

1. If there are any "View By" options that have a simple list that you do like and might use, make that your default.

2. Move the folder to the far-right column and make it as small as possible. You can also adjust your other column sizes so that the folder column doesn't show up with the browser window size you normally use.

If the other computer doesn't have folders enabled, it sounds like the PC that's "Working" is exhibiting a bug that lets it display views for unused fields.

Posted: Jan 10, 2014

If you can do that, and you have multiple people to do it for, you could restore from backup for the first user, then take a new backup. You could then save off that backup to use as a pristine start for any other new users.

Posted: Jan 06, 2014
From Topic: Task Sequencing?

Agreed. I'd love it if it did. I just have to keep reminding myself how many more functions Toodledo has than the paper todo list I was using 15 years ago, which also didn't do task dependencies. :-)

Posted: Jan 02, 2014
From Topic: Task Sequencing?

Correct. I need my system to work for mobile as well. Plus, Outlines don't work with the version of IE we're required to use at work, and if I understand it correctly, I would need to pay more to get the level of integration I would want with my task list.

Plus, I started using it long before there were Outlines.

I have also done it by making a task for the overall thread, for example "Make sure I'm on track with Smith project" and make the individual tasks sub-tasks under that. I change the due date of the overall thread to tell me when I should check for next actions again. Any notes on dependancies, etc. would be in the notes for the overall thread.

It would be great of Toodledo could do it by itself, and I imagine it either will, or it will fade into history and be replaced by something that can. However, I don't know if I'd agree that it should right now. Task dependancies is something I think of as more of a project management tool doing, rather than a task list. As technologies improve, these tool types will probably merge together. In the mean time, I haven't seen a great task list from a project management tool, and I haven't seen great project management functionality from a task list tool. And keep in mind, that while task list tools are taking over project management functionality, they're also being asked to take over time management, and inbox management, and the file cabinet, and report creation, and all kinds of things I never dreamed of 20 years ago.

Posted: Jan 02, 2014
From Topic: Task Sequencing?

What I do, is create a task that tells me to work on the task list and repeats based on the completion date, then put the task list in the Notes for that task. When I finish what I'm going to do for the day, I put an "X" in front of any tasks I completed, and then close the task. It will then re-appear on my task list with the completed items checked off. If there are a lot of items on a task list, I'll delete the completed ones from my active entry every once in a while, if not, it isn't worth the trouble.

Not perfect, but it works for me.

Posted: Dec 23, 2013

This is one of the resons why I don't use the status field.

If I want "Next Action" te be stuff that's due today, I pull up the list of tasks that are due today. (I actually would pull up a search of both "Due Today" and "Overdue," but that would depend on your system.

I use negative priority as my someday list, and exclude it from other views. When I review my someday list, I just pull up my negative priority tasks.

If things that aren't due today, but are due in the next week are "postponed," just pull up a list of everthing that meets those criteria when you want to view "postponed" taskes. The same goes for "planning"

My references are in Notes or a negative priority someday task with REF: at the beginning of the task name (I haven't decided which way to go yet). I found that Delegated and Waiting only help me if I can quickly see who they're delegated to or what they're waiting for, so I just add W/F and what I'm waiting for at the beginning of the task name and re-prioritize the task as the tickler should be. For "Cancelled," I just close the task, adding a short comment if I think it's important enought to note it was cancelled.

If two different fields give you the same information, you only need to use one of them.

Also look into settings you can give the hotlist to make it a good representative of something meaningful to you.

I actually rank my main list by importance. For me, everything that's at least an importance of 7 is a next action, and everything that's at least a 4 is for this week. I use priorties to help set "soft" due dates (a low due tomorrow has the same weight as a medium due a week from now, a high due two weeks from now, or a top with no due date. My "due today" list of importance>=7 includes lows and mediums due today, highs due tomorrow, and tops due a week from now).

Posted: Apr 19, 2013
From Topic: Postponing tasks

Have you considered creating a generic repeating task, and listing the specific tasks on the note?

For example, I could create a repeating task that says "Task for Status Report," and list these actions in the note.
Get input from team
Make sure all major goals are covered
Write up report
Have John review report
Make suggested edits
Sent report to Mary and Ted

If you need to keep track of what task you're on, you could mark an X for tasks you've finished (or delete them if you won't need to reuse them later).

Every day you'd get a tickler that says "Task for Status Report," and you'd just have to go into the Notes section to see which task you need to do. A delay in the first item delays all the subsequent items by default.

Another option is the way I do it. I put the first specific task name into the task name field. When I'm done with that specific task, I don't mark it done, I just change the task name in Toodledo to the next item on the list and change the due date accordingly. I know not to close it because I always check any existing notes before closing a task.

Or, something I've been trying for the last week or so because I still spent too much time postpoining tasks... I just let them go overdue. I put that date on there for a reason, and I shouldn't be trying to cover that up unless something has changed or I made a mistake (in which case I do change the date). My reminder list is everything with an importance level of 7 or above, but you could look at things overdue or due today just as easy.

Posted: Feb 21, 2013

This seems to be what "optionally on" is intended to do.


Posted: Feb 20, 2013

It shows up when you hover your mouse over the check-off box on the web site.

I'm not sure how to see it from other platforms, however.

Posted: May 10, 2012

The biggest things I'm looking for are all around the scheduler.

I would like to have some control over what the scheduler selects. I often rely on the scheduler when I'm feeling very non-motivated, but I also often have to keep extending the time selected to display something from the right list (ie I enter 2.5 hours when I only have 1 hour free because the first 1.5 hours TD selects are all low-priority stuff I don't have time to do today). At the very least, it would be nice to have an "ignore" setting I could set so the scheduler won't keep presenting the items I've already decided I can't do today.

Some way to set my own default for the parameters for the scheduler, or use the last settings, instead of constantly going back to all contexts and one hour.

Let the scheduler schedule multi-blocks. I'd love to say I have three blocks of time. One 1 hour, one 1.5 hours, and one 3 hour, and have it schedule the whole day.

In an ideal world, I'd love to have a way to look at all my tasks and their due dates -- including future starts, tell TD how much time I have to work on the current task list each day (and let me say I have 3 hours on Monday and 2 on Tuesday), and have it calculate whether or not I'll have time to finish everything during the week. That way, it would help me figure out how much overtime I'm going to have to put in to meet my committments.