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Posted: Oct 26, 2012

Fixed: Link to the Comparison posted by Jake

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Posted: Sep 18, 2012

still waiting on this over a year later.

as well as this one


i dont think i will be resubscribing next renewal.

Posted: Apr 22, 2012

>We plan to make the quick search search in the title and note in a future update.

These two work arounds work, but i would love to see quick search also search the NOTES by default (even if not expanded).

It would save me a bunch of clicks every day, and also allow me to easily see how many notes fit the description that are hidden due to CURRENT filters (which neither work around can do).

Quick search is quick for a reason and these work arounds are not as quick. Especially because I must "know" that a workaround will be necessary to use in order to find the task. if I forget, the task(s) dont exist.

I would love to be able to "dumb" that down by having quick search search notes. I dont want to think about my system, I just want to use it quickly and smoothly!!

Thank you for the consideration on this feature.


- click show all tasks, then click to expand all notes, then use CTRL F

- use advanced search, choose notes in dropdown,

Posted: Aug 03, 2011

What bothers me is that the developer cant reach out for feedback/opinion if the users are left in the dark .. as we are. When we do get task dependency features .. we will either like it or "too bad".

Despite my pro subscription to toodledo , I have and will continue to seek the holy grail. Task dependency will make Toodledo that, for me.

Heres an option I'm trying out lately; http://www.zoho.com/projects/task-dependency.html
Of course many negatives when compared to toodledo, but task dependency is available and implemented well. And there are a few others out there.

toodledo just has to implement ONE of the aforementioned ides as an option that defaults off, says "Beta", and has a feedback link that leads to a post on this forum titled "Task Dependency Development". Thats what will get us all to help Toodledo become the best of the best .. and why wouldn't they want our free help?

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Posted: Jun 28, 2011

+1 upvote to wanting this feature as well.

"Ultimate To-do List" on android has EXCELLENT functions for "My Views", with a lot of filter capability.

I highly recommend Toodledo research and then leverage very similar logic/ability in their system, if/when it comes (PLEASE)

Looking forward to having saved views. Until then I'll use my andriod view. I just type in a few keywords in the toodledo do search box to find/edit the tasks I want. Clunky, but no other choice currently (not wasting time creating/changing filters constantly, thats for sure).

I really wish toodledo's "upcoming feature mystery" policy wasnt the way it is. It's very disappointing to receive that^ answer that isn't one each time :(

Posted: May 05, 2011

Hadamard makes a great point.

I've spent the last 2 hrs researching and experimenting, trying to hide dependent tasks with filters and whatever column I can manage to make it work with. I havent been able to, yet. And I don't know if I will have to use a work-around for 1 week or 3 years .. because Toodledo won't hint as to their priority on this feature.

The point of using a service like toodledo, for me, is to avoid having to rely on manual intervention and to show the shortest list of immediately actionable tasks possible. It seems I cannot do both with Toodledo, without dependent task functionality.

Further: I think sub-tasks is silly. It should be called task-groups because thats all it does. Theres is still no way to say "this one comes before that one" in a way that incorporates basic "ok, so then you should do this one next" and "you can ignore those for now" AUTOMATICLY. Am I wrong here?

As of today, I have simply recorded my dependent tasks as plain-text in the notes of the active task. However this is a problem-some solution: I cant have differing aspects pre-defined (context, etc) and searchable, nor can I assure I will remember to create the next task per completion of the one before. I can either hide dependents using some workaround or show them. And thats it!

I also cannot grasp how some people are depending on weekly reviews to mark their previously-dependent-but-can-now-be-active tasks. If I were to do that, I open myself up to a risk that I will forget some tasks for up to 7 days.

Toodledo is missing a very functional and fundamental and helpful feature in my opinion. If anything, Toodledo should roll-out a very simplistic dependency feature of any sort. Don't worry about making it perfect .. just make it an option that defaults off and has the word "beta" next to it. Even if you add a new "status" option on only sub-tasks called "Dependent on Above" which hides that sub-task until the one above it is completed. When the sub-tasks list is broken up in normal view, the master task should HIDE itself, and instead only the currently active task should be shown with an automatic "active" status.

I believe adding some sort of dependency logic will instantly put Toodledo miles ahead of the competition. further, I believe if they aggressively utilize their userbase for input on dependency implementation as they work out the kinks, they will PERFECT it for every user despite how their applications differ so greatly. THAT will make Toodledo the #1 tasks manager solution on the market period. And I will become a life long customer, of course.

Until then ... I'm not spending the time to move all my tasks into Toodledo, especially not knowing if this feature will come before I arrive at retirement. I have realized what I'm looking for IS this task dependency, and it's why NO task manager out there fits my needs.

I welcome any further comments on workarounds that were not already discussed in the forum (I've searched for and read them all)

Posted: May 05, 2011

Does Toodledo think this something that might be coming in days, weeks, months, or years from now, May 5 2011?

I almost thought Toodledo was EVERYTHING we wanted. There are always speed bumps ...

edit: Whoops, nevermind.

>This is on our to-do list, but it is our policy to not comment on our roadmap or delivery dates for future feature improvements.

I will again begin my search for an alternative solution :(

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