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Posted: Apr 30, 2014

Thanks for keeping users informed. Your policy of being transparent is appreciated!

Posted: Apr 25, 2014

excellent, I'd be very interested!

Posted: Apr 22, 2014

Is there a portable version for users that can't install software on their work computers? thanks

Posted: Apr 17, 2014

man, openID was a flop huh?

Posted: Apr 07, 2014
From Topic: Why we need Outlines?

I think it is just another expansion of the platform.

The strength of Toodledo is in it doesn't force you to use one method, with Outlines and Lists it's another method or can be used to supplement your needs.

Personally I have started a parent task in the main Tasks and linked an outline to it. For my needs I only need to track the main task's due date, context, and priority. None of my subtasks need that detail and I need sub-sub-tasks, in comes Outlines. I can sub-sub all I want there, edit quickly, rearrange, etc.

Does that kind of answer the question? There really is no right or wrong answer.

Posted: Mar 31, 2014

that would be really cool for ios too.

Posted: Mar 28, 2014

ah, nice! opml is even better! thank you

Posted: Mar 27, 2014

After many years of using Toodledo, setting up different methods to track tasks (the best thing about Toodledo is being very flexible in this regard).

Now that Outlines are on the radar, I'm almost tempted to go to that exclusively for all my tasks. I don't need anything fancy.

I started flirting with plain text lists recently because it's so easy and quick in an editor like Notepad++ to rearrange, edit entries and allow me to copy/paste things back and forth on the desktop. I'm playing around with .taskpaper files and am finding it easy to manage and move from desktop to my iPhone using dropbox.

So I'm curious if .taskpaper can be imported to an outline or if support could be added?

Thank you.

Posted: Mar 24, 2014

probably not what you are looking for but I've used this in the past to make clean links in tasks.


Posted: Mar 21, 2014

dangit, sorry, I looked through the keystrokes help but didn't see it.

thank you

Posted: Mar 20, 2014

It would be nice if you could move the current line with a keystroke. If you are writing them down quick sometimes you might want a quick way to reorder as you go.


Posted: Mar 14, 2014

voted, a lot of comments on the GUI though. ;-)

Posted: Feb 04, 2014

wow, that's a cool hack, wonder if that can be applied elsewhere? hmmmm

Posted: Jan 28, 2014
From Topic: iOS, url scheme?

looking forward to hearing more. how did you figure it out?

Posted: Jan 28, 2014

awesome! how in the heck did you figure it out? i'm a url action junkie. thanks for the action!

Posted: Jan 08, 2014

sounds like exponential growth of features for a year's time! keep it up and congrats!

Posted: Jan 02, 2014

this was unexpected but very welcome news!

Posted: Dec 10, 2013

thanks Jake, just curious

Posted: Dec 09, 2013

That I haven't entered a task in while even though I've logged in almost every day?

I'm not concerned about privacy, I just thought that it would be nice for it to be explained.

Thank you.

Posted: Dec 03, 2013
From Topic: TextExpander Touch

the dev's just need some time to incorporate the new SDK, it won't be long.
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