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Posted: May 27, 2008
From Topic: Auto Hide Columns

A new suggested feature:

When sorting a page by a column field, hide that column.

Display all tasks sorted by 'Folder'

The display will add a header for each folder with all the folder items under the header, along with the 'Folder' column which is now redundant and just takes up screen space.

If that column was automatically removed, there would be less clutter on the screen.

Posted: May 23, 2008
From Topic: Starred Tasks

Another option I would like to see for GTD work.
When an item is "stared", it gets set to "Next Action"

and when an item is set to "Next Action" it get stared.

This should be an option that a user can turn on/off.


Posted: May 12, 2008

I 2nd (or is it 3rd) this!
I forget to check off tasks til the next day and on repeating tasks this tends to mess things up.

Posted: May 08, 2008
From Topic: Status

I think this will be a good addition.
I agree with a couple of the previous comments to keep the list short and in line with the Dave Allen approach.

I think it should help follow the general workflow
see the flowchart at http://7pproductions.com/blog/2008/02/18/a-primer-on-getting-things-done/

Following that work flow, you would have:
- Inbox (this should be auto-default for any new task)
- Someday
- Reference
- Tickler (although Reference could be used for this)
- Next Action
- Waiting

One big feature I would love to see added:
- Create a project (It could be a "folder")
- Add tasks to the project (in a specific order, no auto reorder)
- Repeat last two steps for each project you have
- Go to a "Next Action" view - This view would show ONLY the top item of each project.
- When I check off one of the tasks in the "Next Action" view, the page reloads with the next task from the top of the project (because it is now the "next action"

This gives you a view into all next actions without having to sort through different views to determine what should be the next action.