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Posted: Feb 14, 2012

Posted by joelhfx:
i've stopped looking for alternatives to toodledo <snip> ... Now if someone could write a toodledo app for my playbook!!

As far as I understand it, it is easy to convert an Android app for the upcoming (supposed to be this month) OS release which includes an Android player.
As an added bonus, RIM are giving a free PlayBook to Android developers who port something over - not sure for how long or how useful the app has to be. A Toodledo app would be bound to be useful enough, I'm sure :)

Posted: Aug 19, 2011
From Topic: Task Series?

In Excel,
1) type something like "task 1" in a cell.
2) point to the fill handle (bottom right corner - cursor changes to a plus sign).
3) Drag down to make as many items as you need (eg 1 - 25). Excel will increment the number for you, as long as it's at the end of the text in the cell)
4) Highlight and copy.

In Toodledo
1) Click "add task" and then "add multiple tasks"
2) Paste the stuff from Excel in the empty box (it should get inserted on separate lines)
3) Click Save.

That should do it.
If you want more complex task names (eg Book 1, Chapter 1) you could write a formula or put book 1 in the first col and chap 1 in the next. You would end up with:
Col A Col B
Book 1 Chap 1
Book 1 Chap 2
Book 1 Chap 3
Book 1 Chap 4

Copy and paste that into the multiple task window.


Posted: Jul 12, 2011

Thanks, I'll ask. I now see there are two entries for PI in my "Externally Syncing Apps" screen and I can see the BB on move up as I try to sync.

Sorry to have bothered you



Posted: Jul 09, 2011

I have been using PI with Toodledo on my BB Pearl quite happily. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a used iPod to play with and am quite enjoying it. Naturally I loaded PI and Toodledo sync.

Now I find that PI on the BB won't sync any more (the timing is about right but I can't be sure that using the iPod stopped the BB sync working).

Is there anything in Toodledo that would prevent two copies of PI syncing???

The reason I need both is that I use the BB for a phone and can't sync the iPod at work as there is no wifi.



Posted: Jun 17, 2011

It's working for me with PI on a Pearl 9105. I have only been using it for a few days but haven't noticed any issues.