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Posted: Jul 04, 2012

Well last weekend I went hunting for a new ToDo manager that had a better project aspect, without being a fully fledged online project collaboration tool for $$$ per month.

However. After checking out Nozbe, Todoist, HiTask and Producteev I went back to toodledo. Reason being that it has a quite good balance between function and esthetic, I gues that is what you would call a good design.

Especially I like that you actually make use of all the room available (Todoist for example insist on using a maximum width for content centered on the page with large margins of white space)

However, a few things could be improved.

- Even though I like the subtle color-scheme it is a bit dull, SOME color wouldn't hurt. As an example the icons in the top bluish bar. HiTask is way to much polish and color, but producteev has a nicer schema than Toodledo I think.

- Some slight better help on managing projects would be great. Especially with sub projects in more levels. Also (sub)tasks that has dependencies, not fixed dates, but rather this-has-to-be-done-before-that.

- I really liked some of the other tools that had time-stamped notes. I think that is useful. Each (sub)task can have many notes in a time-stamped order.

- Liked Nozbes integration to dropbox, evernote, etc. But REALLY didn't like their waste of space in the GUI.

- Liked that some of them had a mini calendar shown all the time ... quite ok and should be easy to fix.

- Todoist integration with chrome and GMail was also really really cool.

- It is a very minor detail, but I choke on it all the time. Why is the font different in the form for entry then from the display of data?

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