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Mark Glover

Posted: Jun 06, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Outlines

Have I missed something? How is this, in principle, any different from a dummed down hierarchical tasks?

The key improvement is the multiple levels of hierarchy, but we've lost the bulk of the features of a Toodledo task.

Why not just allow multiple levels of hierarchy in tasks? That might be really useful ...

Your beta testers have dropped dramatically in my esteem if they have not made these comments back to you.

I echo the concerns of others: Please spend your valuable time developing requested-for features and not coming up with other products that the fans here will soon find inadequate - in this case, because it doesn't link to tasks / notes.

This could be really useful if tasks and notes could be linked to each item. Do that and I'll be a fan ...


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Mark Glover

Posted: Nov 19, 2012


Is there any way for Toodledo to repeat / rollover an alarm if I fail to dismiss the alarm, tick the task as complete, or re-schedule the alarm?

As it is now, I only get advised of the alarm once (on my iphone) and, more often than not, I miss the alarm because I don't study the alarm notification as I go to answer the phone. Once I have answered the phone, the alarm notifications are gone, and I've forgotten that there was a Toodledo alarm anyway ...

If this feature is already available, I can't locate it.

Please help!