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Posted: Mar 27, 2014
From Topic: New Section: Lists

Posted by mgacsaly:
I currently use other tools for certain of my lists, but would love to have everything in Tooledo. Before I can use Toodledo lists I need a couple features already noted by others:

1) iOS support
2) Filters
3) Reset Column to unchecked

There are other things I would really like but could live without:

A few more yes/no types (you already have star & checkbox)
I find having a few more yes/no styles useful.
I have some lists that have several yes/no boxes (Ingredients Checked, Ingredients Purchased, Made, Staged, Packed).
In my travel list I have (for each item to pack) several location check boxes (beach, snow, business, camping).
It is nice to have different symbols for each checkbox.
X-Box (empty or X)
Circle (empty or filled) – A few colors would be nice.
Plus-Minus Box
Thumbs up/down
Stop/Go Circle (Red/Green)

A Three State (On, Off, N/A) type with a few icon types.
Thumbs up/down/sideways
Checkbox (Unchecked, Checked, Gray)
Stoplight (Red, Green, Yellow)

Details Columns aka invisible columns – they don’t show in the main list view, but if you click on a row icon you then see all the fields (including details). For examples I don't need to see everything about a wine in the list view, but want to see everything about the wine when I select one wine from my list.

At least one level of Outlining in Lists. I use this a lot.
For example for travel I have headers for On person, Clothing, Business Supplies, Camping, etc. I can do this with a sortindex column, but having outlining integrated with lists is very nice.

Yes that would make it very powerful, to that I would add:
List items to at least 10,000
Lists exposed via API.

my USE cases
Music owned / wanted - i have several 1,000 vinyl, CDs & purchased downloads - many of them duplicates
Books - similar distribution and numbers

A simple tool to maintain lists across devices would be awesome
(I still haven't found a replacement for JFile on the Palm...) :)

Posted: Nov 30, 2012

is this the correct forum to discuss third party applications for Toodledo?

I am trialling Toodledo pro with Pocket informant - as I need a tool for sharing tasks with other people

I have been looking for a suitable desktop tool.

but all discussions about support seem to be closed down by an admin,are Toodledo, not happy about third parties? I can't see any desktop solution from them, but would be happy to consider one

Posted: Nov 27, 2012

I originally bought Pocket Informant for IOS - as I needed integration from Palm and Google.

I found Toodledo from PI.

personally I've switched to android, but my wife is still on IOS

PI integrates well with Toodledo and works very well on Android too.

(currently I'm investigating the shared / pro tasks between devices and partners)